Ziggy Stardust Inspired Outfit

Ziggy Stardust inspired outfit 2

When I heard about Tempest’s Bowie Sew Along I immediately knew that I had to do something inspired by Ziggy Stardust for it is the best album ever made. Period. Of course I had a billion other ideas inspired by all sorts of other incarnations of David Bowie (including plenty inspired by The Labyrinth, for David Bowie in that movie is my definition of sex god, but I’ll save that discussion for another time), but I had to pick one for now . (If you want to get inspired, and you really should, go check out Tempest’s Bowie Sew Along Inspiration Board).

ziggy stardust sweater outfitjpgI ended up making my take on a knit one-arm one-leg jumper that Bowie wore during the Ziggy Stardust tour. I made a one-arm t-shirt from my own pattern using stripes of three different fabrics. For the skirt, I folded over a piece of the red fabric for a waistband (I was going to thread elastic through it, but that proved unnecessary). I cut and sewed on strips of fabric one at a time so that they were narrow on one side and wide on the other.
bowie inspired outfit rearThe skirt fits my style pretty well and will probably get worn during warm weather. I like how it looks over my badonkadonk and the asymmetry is flirty without being racy.
one arm shirtI honestly probably won’t wear the shirt on it’s own because the striped one-arm thing is a little too ’90’s for me. But, wearing it around the house for the weekend, it kinda grew on me. So I might eventually make a solid colored one-armed shirt or two. Or not. I’ll probably keep it in my costume bin, because the shirt and skirt combo is pretty fun.bowie inspired skirt sketches I thought I would share my inspiration sketches. I don’t usually draw out what I’m going to make. But, as I was looking through any-and-all Ziggy Stardust related David Bowie images, I sketched out a couple of ideas that came to mind. As I was sitting down to make the top and skirt, I resketched the design and actually blocked out how I was going to use the three fabrics that I bought.

serger tension offI have to confess to a bit of shoddy sewing. I sewed the top with the stretch stitch on my machine and then finished the seams with my serger. However, I sewed the skirt entirely with my serger. And, truth be told, I don’t know how to use it very well so the tensions are a bit off and you can see the thread pulling in some of the seams. I may go back and re-sew the seams with my sewing machine, but, honestly, I probably won’t. I will eventually learn how to use my serger well however. I swear.

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  1. Fabulous! I just joined the Bowie sew along, and I am inspired by your creation. And wishing I had chosen a quick knit instead of a huge collared shirt. Maybe I will just make the collar!

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