Yellow Twill Skirt

bright wall and yellow skirt This is a wearable muslin for a pattern I drafted for a trouser skirt. I know that “wearable muslin” is a contentious term, but that’s exactly what this is and I think it serves a purpose. Since I drafted the pattern myself, I need to wear it around for a bit to see how the fit works with use. I know it works if I’m standing still in front of the mirror, but I want to know about fit while sitting, riding my scooter, walking around.

Yellow trouser skirt

Wearing it for a day certainly helped reveal a few changes I need to make before sewing the skirt again. ┬áThe major problem is that I drafted the waistband so that it is at the same height front and back. Clothes don’t fit me this way (or really most women). The waistband needs to dip down in front and go up in back. I found that while walking, the front of the skirt made a horizontal pleat across the crotch. Oops. However, I never would have found this just standing in front of the mirror. On a more minor note, I’m going to change the shape of the pockets a little bit to minimize pocket gaping.

yellow twill skirt backIn back, things turned out better. You can see a little drooping above the pocket, but this is because the waistband is a bit too large for the skirt, an easy fix. There’s a little pull over my rear, but that will be fixed with the smaller waistband as it will make the skirt ride a little higher.

bright outfit and wallAll-in-all, not too bad of a draft. I will have to change the waistband before wearing the skirt again, so it will probably sit in my mending pile for a while. The twill was a gift and was in my stash, so this fits under stashbusting, hooray!

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