My Year in Review 2014

Wow. Looking back over this year, all I can say is Wow. What a year! I finished graduate school, moved to the Seattle area, got married, turned 30, and traveled around the world for 4 months. It’s like I crammed every major event that could possibly happen in a 5 year span of my life into a single year! But what were the blog highlights for me?


GARMENTS: With all the major life events that happened, I didn’t have as much time to sew as I might have wished (okay, honestly, no amount of sewing time no matter how much is ever enough!). But I definitely had favorites in the things that I did get to sew!
#5 Hot Summer Concert Tee. I was pleasantly surprised by how much I wore this shirt. I didn’t think the style or the fabric choice was going totally to be me, but I proved myself wrong.
#4 Leggings. Great prints on good quality scuba knit and super duper comfy? Of course I wore these a ton!
#3 Baseball Staple Dress. Another surprise winner for me. I thought it would be too simple for me to wear it much, but it’s so comfy and it inspire smiles so it was on heavy rotation this summer.
#2 Kat Sundress. I was so happy to find a great use for the ditsy florals that belonged to my grandmother. I think I look hot in this dress and I wore it a ton this summer (although I will admit that I eventually added straps to make it a bit more functional).
#1 Dinosaur Dress! I love wearing this dress and I love how many compliments I get on it. The awesome dino print definitely makes people smile!
Putting together this list definitely lets me see a theme – I love to wear bright, happy dresses!


WEDDING: I made a ton of things for our wedding that I’m very proud of and I wrote posts about our quilt chuppah, mismatched knit bridesmaid dresses, cotton lawn ties for the groomsmen and fathers, shawls I knit for my mom, stepmom, godmother, and mother-in-law, and tutorials for cabochon keychain favors, kanzashi bouquet, wedding makeup, and pearl necklace.


COMMUNITY: My crazy full year kept me from taking part in many sewalongs, but I had a blast being a part of the Sew Sexy Sewalong, Selfish Sewing Week, and Sew for Victory.


PHOTOS: I got a nice camera and started focusing on learning to take good photos. I started posting My Week In Pictures in the second half of the year to share a glimpse of my day-to-day life. I’m really proud of some of the photos I took both as Week-In-Pictures and in my other blog posts.


TRAVEL: I’m still processing our trip and trying to settle back in to “real life”, so I don’t quite have eloquent summarizing thoughts on our 4 month trip around the world. But I will say that I had an amazing time learning about textiles all around the world and was so excited to get to share some of what I learned. I shared a summary of Vietnamese ethnic dress, Current Flower Hmong fashion in north Vietnam and a close up look at some Flower Hmong blouses as well as Hmong indigo batik textiles, a look at a weaving village in Laos and how silk is dyed and woven in Laos, and a silk weaving factory in Cambodia, fabric shopping in Ubud, Bali, Indonesia and Chiang Mai, Thailand and a tour of the last wool mill in (southern) New Zealand.

Looking back over the year definitely inspires some thoughts for 2015. I won’t call them resolutions or even goals, but:
1) I want/need to sew some winter clothing. I love sewing sundresses, but they only work for part of the year!
2) I want to continue to take part in sewalongs.
3) I want to share more and connect more on Instagram (which should be possible since my husband has promised me a new (actually functioning) phone in January).
4) I want to keep ramping up my photo skillz!

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