Wrapping Paper Ribbon

I love wrapping Christmas/Hanukkah presents. When I was young it was the task that mom gave me to help her prepare for the holidays. I got great at cutting paper to the right size, getting crisp corners, getting odd shapes to package nicely. However, once I had the packages wrapped, mom would take them back to add on the bow. That was her domain and she made big, elaborate, showpiece bows.

Accordingly, I can’t bear to just stick a store-bought bow to the top of my boxes. I’m not the showpiece-bow-tier my mom is, but I like to have fun decorating my packages. My favorite trick this year was to make ribbon out of wrapping paper. It starts with cutting the paper into strips. 3/8″ to 7/8″ wide and about a foot long works best.

Then you gently curl the wrapping paper as you would a ribbon but pulling scissors along the back of the paper. This works best with nice paper (i.e. my dollar-store wrapping paper just tore no matter how gentle I was) and looks prettiest with double-sided paper.

Then you pinch together the curled strands in the middle and tape it onto the package. The big curls will make a nice curly puff and cover your tape.

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