Woodruff Stranded Knit Socks

woodruff socks toes

I can’t decide if I love my decision to knit these Woodruff socks by the House of Hogbuffer in a subtle color combo or if I wish I would have just gone whole-hog and picked something brighter and more contrast-y. What, you don’t think these are subtle? I guess I’m calibrated a little differently than most in that regard. I’m still pretty dang happy with them and thankful to Minerva Fabrics for the yarn.

woodruff socks front

The pretty rainbow yarn is Lang Yarns Jawoll Magic Degrade Superwash Sock Yarn in Turquoise/Blue/Green and the main yarn is King Cole Merino Blend in Kingfisher. Normally, “they” say that you shouldn’t work a stranded knitting project using two fundamentally different yarns like this combo (since the Lang Yarns yarn is single ply and the King Cole yarn is stranded), but in this instance I think they made a beautiful combination that knit up quite nicely. So it just goes to show that sometimes you shouldn’t play by the rules!

woodruff socks top

So, can we talk about the elephant in the room? And by that I mean the dratted bright blue stripe in the middle of one of the socks. I loathe it! It’s so distracting. I can see how it would be a fun element if it showed up repeatedly in a project, but the single stripe placement really couldn’t get much worse. I spliced out the bright stripes that would have appeared in the second sock. And I’ve gone back and forth on whether it’s worth it to cut the socks in half and re-knit that stripe in a different color. It’s not a trivial proposition. So I convinced myself that I could live with it. But seeing these pictures has me newly motivated to just do it.

woodruff socks foot

I’m really smitten with this pattern and I think the way the designer wrapped the pattern around the foot was very creative. It was constructed differently than any other sock I’ve knit, with the shaping occurring across the arch. One might think that a sock is a sock is a sock, but really there’s a lot of different ways that you can knit a sock and I was pretty happy to discover another.

woodruff socks back

I knit these lovely socks across SE Asia which is probably a little silly as they are wool and twice as thick as a normal sock! But I did finish them in southern New Zealand which was much more weather appropriate (and meant that they immediately got worn upon finishing them!).

woodruff socks leg

Getting to wear these socks again will be a silver lining to our otherwise rude re-introduction to cold weather coming up in a month! More project details are on Ravelry if you’re interested.

woodruff socks side

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