What’s On My Needles? (Too Many Projects!)

I thought I would give a glimpse at what projects are currently on my knitting needles. A little bit because I want to share and inspire. A lot a bit to shame myself into finishing some of these projects!

baby fair isle sweater in progress

This is a different colorway of my Baby’s First Fair Isle Sweater. All I have to do is cut the front steeks and knit the front ribbing, weave in the ends, and block it. I should be able to do this over the course of a couple of movies (how I measure knitting time). I just need to do it.

lace sweater in progress wip

This is Anjou from French Girl Knits. The body is done and I’m almost done with one sleeve. That leaves one sleeve, waistband, assembly, and blocking. It’s a surprisingly quick and easy knit that I’ve been leaving at work to knit during meetings. I’m happy with my speed and progress on this sweater.

ygdrassil blanket center WIP

This is a blanket that I started knitting for our living room.  I finished the center panel and started working on the outer borders. However, I didn’t like how the borders were constructed (knitting onto the live stitches one row at a time) and decided that I would re-write the border instructions so that they are assembled separately and then sewn together. And then I set the project aside.

DNA scarf pink

This DNA scarf has been done forever. But the moss stitch border that I added rolls in on itself. I’m hoping that a strong blocking will fix that. Really, blocking is the simplest thing to do. I don’t know why this has been sitting unwearable for so long.

french girl sweater WIP sophia

This Sophia sweater (another French Girl Knits) is theoretically almost done. However, when I grafted the front neck band onto the sweater, I got off on my count somehow so one side bunches a bit where it hits the bottom of the sweater. I keep telling myself that it will disappear when I add the last bit of edging to the bottom, but I don’t really believe it. And ripping apart the graft to leave two live edges and re-knitting sounds like I nightmare. So I haven’t done it yet. But I will. I swear.

duck feet knit WIP
I love these little baby duck socks. I thought that I would whip them up for a pregnant co-worker, but they turned out to be a much more involved (i.e. time consuming) project than I thought they would be, so I set them aside. Again, nothing really stopping me from finishing, other than my tendency to not actually finish knitting projects!
Oh yeah. And I forgot to get photos of my East/West purse. I started knitting it almost 3 years ago. It’s been totally knit for at least the last year, but I’ve been obsessing about how to assemble it. I finally inserted a zipper and got it all lined, only to find that it didn’t hold its shape very well so I ripped it apart and have been meaning to insert some boning into it before re-assembling.
So, 7 WIPS. That’s a little excessive. Ok self, finish some of these darn projects! I’m not sure why I do this for knitting projects because I don’t do so for craft or sewing projects. Hmmm…

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