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Why the rebranding?

My nickname has been SeamstressErin since college and I used it for blogging for years before starting to publish patterns. When I started publishing patterns I used the name SeamstressErin Designs because it was the easiest thing to do. I’ve reached the point in running my business where I decided to step back and ask “Why am I doing this?”

The answer is that I do think I can change the world, one sewing pattern at at time. I can inspire and encourage inclusivity, representation, self-love, and self-expression through sewing. In order to do that I’m changing my business name away from something that’s about “me” to something that’s about everyone.

Why Tuesday Stitches?

Tuesday is the most everyday of days since it’s not particularly known for anything. Tuesday Stitches are for Every Day Dress Up. It’s up to you what you want your every day clothing to look like. Maybe you want to wear a gold lamé miniskirt to the grocery store. Maybe you want to wear jeans and a plain t-shirt. It’s up to you and Tuesday Stitches wants to empower you to dress your own, beautifully unique body in a way that represents who you are in the moment you’re getting dressed.

How do we empower you?

We empower you through

  • inclusivity – Our patterns come in a broad range of sizes, cup sizes, and lengths so we can minimize the changes you’ll need to make to fit your beautifully unique body. Each pattern has information about sizing and fit for that specific pattern and we explain common alterations in our accompanying sewalongs.
  • representation – We strive to increase visibility of sewists who have a variety of identities and backgrounds including, but not limited to, people of color, LGBTQ, disabled, plus size, and mature sewists. Representation matters.
  • easy sewing – You don’t need to be an expert sewist to craft beautiful clothing that perfectly fits your unique body. We make sewing as easy as possible through meticulous instructions and enthusiasm to help you if you have any questions

Read more about how we empower you and our mission.

How can you help us empower others?

  • Pattern test for us. All of our cover models are illustrated from volunteer pattern testers. Whoever you are, we want you to see yourself in our models since your unique beauty is just as beautiful as anyone else.
  • Speak up. Let us know if you appreciate what we’re doing. Let us know if you see something we can do better. We want to hear from you.
  • Speak out. Let others know about Tuesday Stitches and what we believe in. The more people proselytizing empowerment through sewing the better!

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  1. Thank you soooooo much for including everyone! Thanks for the different cup pattern pieces (you made my day) and thanks for being you :-)
    Love from Paris

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  2. Brava! Love the “big tent” approach to community! Thanks for endeavoring to make sewing accessible and fun for all!

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  3. Hi Erin. I just discovered your site (today!) as a link from Helen’s Closet. This is such a powerful message I felt compelled to say THANK YOU. You ladies are both doing wonderful work to support home sewists who have real-life challenges (time, money, skills, physical, emotional, etc.) and real bodies that we deserve to feel beautiful in. I will be following and am looking forward to seeing what everyone shares.

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