Wedding Shawl for my Stepmother

slanting plaid stole

To honor the women that have been mothers to me, I am knitting each of them a lace shawl to wear to my wedding. I want to thank my mother, stepmother, godmother, and mother-in-law each for their love and guidance and support in my life. I picked a different yarn and different pattern for each woman. The first finished shawl was for my godmother. This second shawl is for my Stepmother.

slanting plaid stole interweave knits

Linda, my stepmother, has a simple, classic style. She’s sporty, no-nonsense, but always elegant. Since I planned on knitting lace patterns for all of my mothers, I knew I was going to have to look beyond the frilly for something to suit Linda. I think I found the perfect pattern in the Slanting Plaid Stole from Interweave Knits Fall 2010. It’s a unique lace pattern that looks deceptively simple when knit, with a geometric feel that is still quite elegant. If you look closely at the yarn, you can see that it has a slight mottle in one of the strands so that what is simple at first glance actually has richness and depth.

modified plaid knit pattern

The ends of the shawl are supposed to have fringe, but I left it off. I made one other pretty major change to the pattern. The shawl is supposed to be knit so that all of the odd blocks in a row slant to the left and all the evens slant to the right. I change every other row of blocks so that it makes a checkerboard pattern. I thought it added just a bit more interest to the shawl. Of course, I got the chance to make a very informed decision since I knit half the shawl as instructed, frogged it all, and knit it again my way.

gray plaid shawl for wedding

Now don’t look at me like I’m crazy – I didn’t actually frog what I had knit so that I could change the pattern. I frogged it because I ran out of yarn. I was knitting it with 2 strands of madelinetosh lace (in steamer trunk colorway) held double and it was absolutely stunning. The mottle in the yarn when held double was enrapturing! And it turns out that I totally miscalculated, had half the yarn I needed, and was completely unable to find more of the same colorway since it had been discontinued. Gah! So, I frogged it all and knit it with one strand of the madelinetosh lace and one strand of Juniper Moon Findlay lace. Not quite as perfect as I had originally planned, but I guess I can’t always be perfect :)I spent 38.5 hours knitting this shawl (plus the 22 that were frogged, but lets not mention those again). The project is on Ravelry.

slanting plaid shawl gray


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  1. Yet again, I’m in total awe of your knitting skills -and speed! Interesting that you keep tabs on how long it takes you to finish something knitted. I do that when I sew for customers, but I’m afraid it would be too depressing to see how slow I knit :D I just posted a knitted scarf on my blog last week, and I’m totally in love with the lace pattern and have been wearing the scarf ever since. Good luck with the rest of your shawls!

    1. Post

      Thanks! I was curious to know how long knitting actually takes me because it’s always done in bits and pieces, and now it’s habit to time my knitting. I can’t seem to do the same when I sew, but maybe that’s just my subconscious telling me that I don’t actually want to know how many hours I’m at my sewing machine!

  2. I think it’s so sweet that you are doing this, you are so lucky to have so many inspirational women in your life and they are so lucky to have such a wonderful daughter!

  3. There’s a reason I knit the most basic of scarves….I can never be bothered to count enough to make patterns or lace. I bow down in awe to your skills. That’s a pair of lucky mothers you have/about to have.

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