Wedding Shawl for my Mother

vogue turquoise lace shawl 6 holiday 2013

To honor the women that have been mothers to me, I am knitting each of them a lace shawl to wear to my wedding. I want to thank my mother, stepmother, godmother, and mother-in-law each for their love and guidance and support in my life. I picked a different yarn and different pattern for each woman. I already finished shawls for my stepmother and godmother. This one is for my mom.

pink lace shawl edge

My mom is a petite blonde woman who wears pink. Clearly, I’m not blonde (well, not most of the time), I’m definitely not petite, but I certainly inherited my love of pink from her! I picked a complicated and frilly, intricate pattern not necessarily because I thought it would fit her personality (how I chose the other shawl patterns) but because I knew she would appreciate it. I know it will make her smile. The pattern I picked is #06 Turquoise Lace Shawl from Vogue Knitting Holiday 2013. The yarn is Filatura di Crosa Nirvana in my absolute favorite shade of bubblegum pink.

pink lace shawl

I love this finished shawl. Before I blocked it, it looked so very small that I was worried that it would be tiny, but an aggressive block brought it to the perfect size. I also thought it was a bit weird that there are bobbles on the top part of the shawl but not in the lower lace charts. But I do think that detail is growing on me.  Other than following a bunch of errata listed for the pattern, I knit it according to the pattern. Somehow my edging didn’t line up how it was supposed to, which was confusing to me since I swear my stitch count was correct everywhere that I could count, but a little wiggle during blocking made it look just fine.

pink lace shawl close up

This is 43 hours of knitting time. The project is on Ravelry.

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  1. All three of the shawls you have made so far are beautiful. There is something about this one, however, that makes my heart leap with joy! What a wonderful way to honour the women in your life.

  2. Just lovely, Erin! What a lovely gift from the heart. I can’t wait to see pics of all the honored women wearing their wedding shawls.

  3. it’s beautiful! what a wonderful gift to the important women in your life – that will make such a wonderful souvenir for all of them of your special day and also – a great photo is in the making of the moms wearing their shawls! :)

  4. Oh Erin, the shawl is stunning! I’ m amazed that it took so little relative time! You are so talented and the shawls are wonderful gifts and ways to honor the important women in your life. kudos!

  5. Beautiful shawl, can’t wait to see the full set.

    What I love about this story is that clearly everyone gets on well. I am currently watching an extended family implode because the mother of the bride doesn’t want the father of the bride’s wife of 20 years (and who has been in the bride’s life for 26 years) to attend the wedding. It is so immature and petty and as you can imagine, the bride is beside herself. I recommended your blog to the bride’s mother as an example of good wedding relations. She has not mentioned if she’s read it yet!

    1. Post

      I’m so sorry that your friends are faced with such drama. It breaks my heart to hear that people can’t set aside their problems for the sake of the bride on her special day. Sending best wishes that all goes smoothly.

  6. You’ve made such a lovely piece for your Mum. This is a delicate pattern and you can really see the quality of your work and care for your Mum in this shawl. Certainly awesome work.

  7. There aren’t words to say how special this shawl is–made for me with such love and care and it is absolutely beautiful. I wore it throughout Erin’s wedding day even though, at times, it was very hot outside. I am so proud of my baby girl and want the world to know it!!!!

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