Wasabi Rose Socks

Sock yarn is something I often buy as a souvenir. And then it typically sits in my yarn stash for a very long time before I decide to use it. That wasn’t actually true for this yarn. I bought it this summer at the Sheep Dog Trials on our island (a national competition and a lot of fun to watch!) and started to knit it pretty quickly thereafter. I like to have a very portable project on my needles (I do generally prefer to knit sweaters so I always have several projects going at once). I’m finally finding the time to knit such portable projects as my toddler has reached a stage in development where I can plop in one place and let her run in circles around me while I knit, at least for short stretches of time :)

I chose the pattern because I had it in my library, in an old Interweave Knits magazine, and it was interesting while still being suitable for such a complex colorway. I didn’t want to knit crazy cables or elaborate laces (like I usually would pick) since I thought they would get muddied in the variegated yarn. The shaping on the arch happens on the top of the sock around the wasabi pea part of the pattern which was interesting and unusual. Don’t look too closely at my pair of socks as I seem to have done the decreases over a different number of rows between the two socks (one of the perils of knitting while toddlering).

I was drawn to the yarn because of the pretty hand-dyed colorway – the maker (Teasel) called it “Old Country Roses” after her grandmother’s china pattern, which immediately won my heart. It’s 75% blue faced leicester (BFL) and 25% nylon. I can’t speak to how it wears yet, having only been done with the socks for a short while

I had a bit of a revelation when knitting these socks, in terms of fit that is. It’s never really sunk in to my head that I can knit socks to perfectly fit my feet. I know, that sounds stupid. But I’ve never actually done a lot of thinking about what makes a sock fit well. I have long and skinny feet so I tend to just add a bunch of extra length, but I’ve finally figured out that I’ve been adding too much length and that’s not good for a comfortable sock either! I remember Liz (zilredloh) talking about all the changes she made to a pair of socks she knit (a while ago now) and it’s finally marinated in my head long enough that I’m going to try some fit adjustments in my next pair of socks!

Project details on Ravelry.

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