I Am My Own Von Trapp Family

large scale print outfit

Several sources of good ideas and grand intentions went into making this monstrosity of an outfit. First, I wanted to try sewing another Summer Concert Tee but thought it would be an interesting experiment to use a woven fabric. Second, I seem to be on an orange kick recently and this thrifted duvet cover in my stash that kept catching my eye. Third, Seattle summers are way warmer than San Francisco summers so I actually needed a couple more light-weight cotton pieces to get me through comfortably. Fourth, I’ve been working on high-stress (i.e. wedding) sewing all summer and I wanted a couple easy projects in contrast. Add all these influences together and what do you get? I am a one-person Von Trapp family.

von trapp family outfit

When I initially put on the outfit, I thought that I was drowning in fabric and it was hideous. Oversized top and full skirt in the same fabric turned into a big whoops. Except for looking at these photos, I actually kinda like it. I know Shams has said that she never knows how she looks in an outfit until she writes a blog post about it. I guess maybe this is an example of that? Or it really does look awful – tell me the honest truth.

white and orange outfit

Thinking that the top didn’t work with the skirt, I thought it would be fun to make a pair of shorts. Except for  somehow my shorts ended up really, really short. I mean, I meant to make short shorts. But I didn’t quite mean to make booty shorts! So this outfit gets worn around my house, but not much of anywhere else. Nobody else needs to see me in these shorts  and I’m sorry for inflicting the sight on you, dear reader! They were super basic construction, underlined with some white cotton, no waistband, and with a center back zip.

french seams

Okay, now that I’ve blinded you with a lot of pasty white leg, lets go back to the woven version of the Summer Concert Tee. Because I really like it and I’ve been wearing it a lot. It’s awesome for hot days since it’s loose and breezy. It’s not quite as sexy as my knit version, but it doesn’t look bad. I used french seams for the side and shoulder and a narrow rolled hem for the sleeve and hem.

bias tape neck binding

I finished the neck with orange bias tape. I didn’t think about the fact that you’d be able to see the orange through the white on the front. Oh well. You have to look close for the mistake.

woven summer concert tee

So how am I really wearing these pieces? I’ve been wearing the top with a pair of jeans (that I kinda stole from Adam, and had to cuff because my legs are much longer than his). And with a couple of light cotton skirts on hotter days.

simple cotton outfit

The skirt I toss on with anything slightly more form fitted, like my 1970’s Fall for Cotton Camisole. Or just about any other tank top I’ve got lying around. The skirt is just a giant white strip of elastic and a rectangle of fabric gathered into it. So easy!

rectangle skirt in white and orange

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  1. I love that fabric! I do like it as a full outfit but if you’re worried about too much fabric maybe make the skirt a bit shorter? Both pieces look great as separates too.

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  2. I really like the two pieces together as well as mixed in with other separates! I’m a big fan of orange, so to me this is a perfect outfit!

  3. How do you solve a problem like duvet covers? The hills are alive with the sound of sewing?

    I like the fabric, too, but it does look like a duvet cover when you’ve got it on the top & bottom…but as separates, it’s great! I love orange, too, Erin. And hey, it couldn’t have cost that much, right?! So even if it only sort-of works out, it’s still a deal.

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  4. I say wear them both together! Matched oufits are really “in” at the moment and clashing African prints are coming in for Autumn,so yours looks tame in comparison. So be brave-they look great! .

  5. Actually I kind of like it, Although, I am not a fan of the matching shirt and shorts but I do really love the shirt and skirt styled with the jeans and cami. I think you will get wear out of the two as separates more than together.

  6. Kay, I love the booty shorts! You look so 1960s mod that I can’t stand it! All you’re missing is a Big Fat Beehive and a ciggie with an inch long ash hanging outta your bright red lips. You got the legs, you rock them booty shorts, gurl :) xox!

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  7. Such a cute print! You can definitely pull off wearing the top and skirt together, but I prefer each piece paired with other stuff. Good luck with the wedding prep!

  8. I never know what I think about an outfit until I see the pics…

    Those are nice pieces, but I would not wear them together. They look fabulous as separates! :)

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