Vintage Simplicity 9722 Toddler Jumper

When you ask my toddler to smile, this is what you get. I have no idea why she thinks this is smiling, but we’re just gonna run with it because, while it may not be smiling, it’s certainly cute. I also have no idea why she thinks a dryer ball makes a good photoshoot prop, but she insisted on it being included. So this is my toddler “smiling” while holding a dryer ball. #parentlife

When I bought the notions for my railroad stripe overalls I bought the overall buckles in a couple different sizes. I went with the larger for my overalls and decided to use the smaller to make Evelyn this vintage Simplicity 9722 overall dress from 1980. It’s a pretty timeless pattern, other than the fact that I used glaringly 70’s ditsy floral twill that I found at the thrift store. #noregrets. (Okay, one regret – that it didn’t leave enough fabric behind for me to have a matching pair). The bachelor buttons I had were too large for the side buttons so I opted for a contrasting red to hopefully pick up a bit more of the red topstitching I used on the overalls.

Like her baseball dress, I used a size 3 though she’s really a 2 right now so that she can wear it for a couple summers at least. Actually, this is a good layering piece so maybe she can get some year-round wear out of it!

I did a bunch of topstitching in red but didn’t have any red topstitching fabric so I used the triple-stretch stitch (aka lightning stitch) on my machine because it makes an extra thick looking seam. Clearly the twill doesn’t need the stretch, but it is a good approximation of a topstitch thread without actually having said topstitching thread.

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  1. Cute little jumper. You can do some mirror imaging playing to show her what a smile is, where she sees herself making different kinds of faces, with you putting words to each expression.

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