Vintage Pink Samsonite Luggage Set

vintage pink samsonite suitcase set

Accompanying me on my last two weeks of travel was the most delightful set of luggage that I have ever encountered. I actually cried at the vintage/antique store where I found it because I wanted it so bad. (Seriously, I teared up at the thought that I really should have walked away. I didn’t really have the money to buy them but they were so absolutely totally perfect for me that I couldn’t pass them up.)

The set is a vintage Samsonite set in a delightful mottled pink and orange. It includes the large hard sided case, the small soft sided case, a train case, and a carry-on. I’m in love. Really and truly.

pink and orange vintage samsonite suitcase handle

The insides of the cases are in just as good condition as the outsides. I’ve bought many pieces of vintage samsonite before (at Goodwill by the pound in Portland, also known as The Bins). I always had to rip out the lining and re-line it because even if the outside looked nice, the insides were a mess. I guess that’s one reason I paid a whole lot more for this set!

samsonite silhouette corporation denver tag inside train case

I got compliments on the luggage everywhere I went, which was quite fun. The only downside that I noticed was that the large case got quite heavy when it was full and apparently these were made before the invention of wheels on suitcases.

pink and orange vintage samsonite suitcase set

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  2. This set is so nice, do you know where I could find some of these pieces and of good quality?

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