Vintage Chicken Tea Cozy and Some Pot Holders

pot holder glove handmade

I really needed some oven mitts and pot holders for our new kitchen. I used the scraps from the strawberries and gingham dress I just made as well as some pink hand dyed fabric that was my grandmother’s. (The square potholders also got the scraps of the black floral lining from my first presidio purse demo).  The edges are finished with red bias tape from my stash and they are interlined with two layers of interfacing – some basic cotton batting and insul-bright insulated lining. Cute, easy, and functional.

chicken tea cozy

I was talking with my mom the other day and said “I don’t really like kitsch” and she laughed in my face. So I had to amend my statement. “I’m very selective about my kitsch.” This scrappy chicken tea cozy in pink and red and strawberries and gingham? My kind of kitsch. Since I was sewing up the potholders I kinda had to make a matching tea cozy. Because my husband and I love tea. And I love chickens (and the right kind of kitsch).

vintage simplicity 243 kitchen

I needed some potholders for our kitchen since I got rid of the ones we had before moving since they were stained and worn. I happened to have this vintage Simplicity 243 in my stash (pretty sure I inherited it from my mother) and it happens to feature the most amazing/ridiculous chicken appliqués on all of the kitchen accoutrement and full size kitchen tea cozy and door stop.  They look pretty dated in the combination of browns used on the envelope but in my color palette? Totally not dated! (The question of ridiculosity is another debate). (P.S. The instructions in the pattern left a lot to be desired, but if you have some basic sewing skills under your belt you should be able to muddle through just fine using just the pattern pieces and a bit of intuition).

brown chicken crock

I’m going to pretend that I sewed the chicken tea cozy because it helped to tie together the themes in our kitchen. The walls are white, the counters are black, and the trims are red and I’m adding in pink as an accent color (since I have a pink kitchenaid mixer and a pink vintage pyrex collection) since the room needs lightening up and nothing says “light” like pink (go with me on this one). I also have a collection of vintage brown and white crockery and one of them happens to be a chicken (just waiting until I have chickens of my own to store chicken eggs in!). So the combination of black, white, red, pink and chicken is just what the kitchen needs!

pink red black kitchen pot holders

When you sew practical things are you forced by some unknown compulsion to throw in the completely unpractical just to round things out? No? Just me?? (Not that I’m actually admitting that a chicken tea cozy is impractical or anything…)

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  1. ” “I’m very selective about my kitsch.” ” Hold tight to your principles!!!

    heehee, excellent cozy and i’m sure it really ties the room together. I’ll have to send this to my mom, she moved into a house in downtown Napa city a few years ago and inherited the chickens (thus saving them from the pot). They are all now helping grow her lovely fruits and veggies in the back. But the memories live on, including in mom’s many very tasteful chicken tchotchkes.

    Ans what a fun project! i sew clothes, i love it but all the fit, design choices, wardrobe implications, etc. get kind of intense. Smart idea to sew something less fraught ;)

  2. Even if they are ridiculous, every happy kitchen needs a little bit of silliness/funk/absurdity. And if it’s functional as well, so much the better.

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