Vincent and the Doctor Shawl

vincent and the doctor shawl

On the short list of things about which I will readily admit to being a nerd fangirl, Doctor Who tops the list. I’ve never done cosplay nor been to a Con, but I’m so excited to have knit this shawl as a subtle, every-day nod to my fangirl status and anyone that has seen Vincent and the Doctor can’t help but be in on my secret when they see this shawl.

vincent and the doctor shawl 5

The yarn is hand dyed by Quaere Fibers and the colorway is actually called Vincent and The Doctor. I have my friend Beth (who was one of my amazing bridesmaids) to thank for the gift of the yarn. She got me in to Doctor Who and I got her in to knitting, so it seemed a very fitting gift :) She’s currently knitting herself a matching shawl and I can’t wait for us to get to wear our shawls together!

vincent and the doctor shawl 3

The pattern is called Thinking of Waves and was surprisingly fun to knit for being mostly stockinette stitch. I had a few minor gripes with it that I have detailed on Ravelry, but I actually liked knitting it enough that I would consider knitting it again, and I almost never knit the same thing twice! I actually knit the majority of it in November – we returned to the States in the middle of our gigantic honeymoon in part because Adam’s dad had surgery and I had a couple of days of sitting in hospital waiting rooms.

vincent and the doctor shawl 6

Although I’m not quite in the right part of the country to be a part of the Impossible Astronaut, I spent this week in Anza Borrego and looking out over the Salton Sea I can almost imagine that River Song is going to stop by. I don’t dream (too much) about the Doctor asking me to be his companion (Adam may be a romantic, but no couple could fill the shoes of Amy & Rory), but I do think that River Song and I could enjoy telling stories over a couple of drinks.

vincent and the doctor shawl 2

I know that I’ll get a lot of wear out of the shawl as it’s a gorgeous combination of colors and a great size and weight for wrapping around my neck. Wearing it wrapped does hide a lot of the beautiful short row shaping that creates the swirls, but at least the color can’t be hidden!

blocked shawl

I’m a little disappointed in the shape that I got with the blocking that I did. I would prefer it to be deeper and not quite as long. I’ll probably try re-blocking it soon to see if I can get a better shape. One of my minor gripes with the pattern was that the first and last stitches of every row were too tight, which I tried to compensate for with my block and seem to have over-compensated.

vincent and the doctor shawl 4

My top is blogged here. Jeans are RTW.

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  1. This is so adorable! Seems to be the perfect fit of colors and pattern :)
    Now I have to watch some of the old episodes again and drick tea out of my Tardis mug (until the new season starts)…

  2. Oh my! You are right, I read the title of the saw the colors of the shawl and instantly knew what it was! I love it and that is one of my favorite episodes.

  3. I knew it the moment I saw the photo! Whoever dyed that yarn did a fabulous job of capturing that story! I love your shawl. You did a great job. Have fun fangirling!

  4. Oh my gosh! I am a big Dr Who Fangirl too! LOVE this…may need to look into this pattern. I got to go to Carmarthen, Wales right before the closed the Dr Who Experience and would love to commemorate the experience with a matching shawl to go with my Dr Who Van Gogh tee shirt!

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