A Very Me Garment: Denim Mini Skirt

This blog post isn’t really about showing off my awesome sewing since the denim miniskirt I hacked out of an old pair of my husband’s worn out jeans took me less than an hour to sew. But I do think it’s worth sharing since the skirt feels so very me. I’ve been trying to re-figure out what exactly my style is for quite a while now. I feel like my strong sense of self identity was eroded away as my self-confidence and happiness were eroded away over too many years in graduate school. And then I started to figure some things out but then I had a baby which meant dramatic changes to my body. So I’m (mostly) back to a place of feeling self-confident and comfortable in my body, but my wardrobe hasn’t caught up.

I went through the curated closet and I now have a much more cohesive vision for the direction to push my wardrobe. And I’ve been making steps in that direction like sticking to a color palette and choosing floral prints whenever possible. I noticed that I gravitate to maxis and minis when looking at silhouettes I like and I saw there was a lack of miniskirts in my closet, so I decided to whip out a quick mini to see if it worked for me like I thought it might.

Thinking back, denim miniskirts have always made me happy and comfortable. And I can vividly remember my last one. I bought it from a thrift store cheap but it was super comfy and fit well. A few years into graduate school I spent most of my summer at a research institute in Woods Hole, MA doing some advanced training. One morning, after doing my laundry the day before, I couldn’t find the denim mini. I asked other women in the program about it, thinking maybe it got scrambled in with their laundry since we were all staying on the same floor of a dorm. Several other women remarked that they had done laundry the day before and were each missing a skirt as well. Apparently someone went through the washing machines and stole women’s skirts. Weird and creepy.

Somehow I never replaced that skirt. For a while I actively looked for a miniskirt to replace it, but I just never quite found one that was as perfect as the one I had. And over time I just kinda stopped looking. A pretty apt metaphor for how I was feeling about myself. So now it’s about darn time that I reclaim the denim mini for myself. I look hot in it. I feel great in it. It’s very me and I’m glad I’ve figured that out (again).

Do you have a single garment that feels so very you? Or one that would leave an uncomfortable hole if it disappeared?

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  1. Hi Erin. My precious baby is now almost 3 months old and I currently have 4 outfits on my closet. I am in total need for clothes, but I have no clue as to how I will dress this new body, I have no idea what looks good, what I like (so much changed over the past year) and how I can make time to think about all this. I will follow your tip, try to re-read the curated closet and we’ll see. I used to be a mini skirt grrl myself, but thus extra weight will probably push me away from that, for now at least. You look great in these photos.
    I am still reading but Ease into motherhood was a great great series. Thanks ????

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      Thanks so much for sharing your experiences. I’m sorry that you’re going through similar struggles but it seems that so many of us do! My only advice that I’ve learned from my experience (that I still need reminding of myself sometimes) is that if you were once a miniskirt grrl then you still are. Even if your body feels or looks different, you’re still the same “you” inside of it. So if you want to rock a mini, rock a mini. You’ll be a sexy, strong, gorgeous grrl in that mini now just like you were before you had a baby.

  2. Thanks so much for your words, Erin. I am making my efforts to put my thoughts in these directions. All the best! ????????????

  3. I feel like I’m still trying to figure this one out, as my body is still actively recovering from 2 babies less than 2 years apart. I’ve always been a jeans girl, with a particular affinity for flare/bootcut. I know they’re not the trendiest anymore, but I just feel better about them than skinny jeans. And I honestly miss sewing them, since I had finally just started to get it right just before my first pregnancy and now I can’t get jeans that fit well longer than a month as my weight shifts.

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      From reading your blog I know that you’ve been going through some “what is my style know what should I actually wear” soul searching too! I’d say that if you like flares, wear flares! You know what you feel good in. Self-confidence is the sexiest thing anyone can wear so if flares make you feel good then of course they look better on you than skinnies. I’m afraid I don’t have words of wisdom about having a wardrobe that fits through major body changes, but I can certainly commiserate.

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