Ultraviolet Tee Pattern Now With View C!

The Ultraviolet Tee had plenty of options when it was published. A curved cropped hem or a straight un-cropped hem. A plain front or a darted or gathered front to accommodate a D-F (or larger) cup bust. Different cut lines for knit or woven fabric. But a quick pattern hack that I did on a shirt for myself quickly became my favorite Ultraviolet Tee to wear so I decided to update the pattern with a View C. View C extends the curved hem in front and back so you have a high-drama slit at the side but the shirt is full length at the front and back so there’s no risk of peek-a-boo belly like with the cropped version.

This sample was sewn out of a double gauze given to me by Shannon Fabrics. I chose the print because I think the simple, oversized silhouette of the Ultraviolet Tee is perfect for a large print. Gauze or double gauze is a great choice for the Ultraviolet Tee as summer wear because it’s comfortable and breathable and light. This particular double gauze has a bit more body than many other double gauzes so the shirt has a bit more structure than drape in these photos, but the more it’s washed the more it will soften and drape.

This example, my initial hack, is a single gauze and you can see that it’s even lighter and drapier (and has also since softened up even more now that I’ve washed it a bunch). It’s also a bit sheer in the sunlight (you can see how the sun shines through the arm) and the double-gauze isn’t sheer at all.

If you’ve previously purchased the Ultraviolet Tee you can download a new copy of the pattern at any point in time by logging into your account at TuesdayStitches.com/my-account. You can also see if the copy you have is the latest draft on any Tuesday Stitches pattern by looking at our Pattern Updates page. If you’ve downloaded a new copy of the Ultraviolet Tee since our rebranding you’ll actually see that View C is already included, it’s just taken me a bit to get a new sample sewn and photographed. However, we also just discovered a minor glitch in the shoulder seam of cup sizes D-F so we recommend you download today’s new copy.

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  1. Beautiful job of pattern placement on your pink Shannon Fabrics top! Love it! It looks so cool and comfy and sophisticated. Now you have me lusting over big prints…

  2. Oh how lovely to see a fashion model close to my age (61) and I have MS and use a cane. Just lovely. It makes us Boomers feel included. Especially since a lot of us are “back” to sewing!! Thank you!

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