Tropo Camisole with Stretch Lace Straps

Tropo Camisole by Tuesday Stitches. Camisole sewing pattern.

I think I had even more fun coming up with hacks for the Tropo Camisole that I did for the pattern itself. And this might be my favorite hack! Replacing the fold-over-elastic with stretch lace is easy to do but it really glams up the camisole. (For another alternative to FOE, see our Tropo Camisole with ribbing hack). This example uses stretch lace that is 1″ wide and shows the full width across front and back but uses 1/2 width across the straps. You can use narrower or wider lace but do make sure that it is stretch lace as it will need to be able to stretch with the knit camisole on your body.

If desired, start by finishing the neckline on the front and back of your camisole. I opted to serge the top of this fabric for a clean edge as I wanted it to look visually finished, though most knits that will work for the Tropo Camisole won’t ravel so this step isn’t strictly necessary.

Position the lace on the right side of your fabric with one edge of the lace peeking just above the edge of the fabric. Use a stretch stitch to sew the lace to the camisole from the wrong side.

From the right side, use a stretch stitch to sew the lace to the camisole along the bottom of the lace. Now both top and bottom of the lace are anchored in place.

This is what it will look like from the inside. If you are sewing the V neck, sew the straight stitch line that creates the V through the whole width of the elastic, regardless of the elastic width.

For the straps, you may need to adjust the length as your stretch lace is likely to have different stretch properties than the FOE that the pattern calls for. You can apply the elastic to the straps in the same manner as the front/back or you can attach it as you would for FOE, following the instructions in the pattern for 2-step application , like I did for this camisole. (The back is hacked lower in this camisole – tutorial on that coming soon!).


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