Tropo Camisole Hack: Ruche Front

Adding a ruche is such a quick and easy hack to add to the front neckline of the Tropo Camisole (or any fitted knit top, really), but it mixes things up ever so slightly and adds a bit of feminine interest. I think this ruching looks best on the V neck on the front of the camisole, but don’t let my opinion stifle you if you want to try it in another configuration! You can also decide how long you want to make your ruching. I opted for a pretty short ruche on this sample (which actually appears even shorter since I made the straps just a tiny bit too short and so it rides up a tiny bit too high), but you can extend the ruche further down to emphasize (or create the illusion of) cleavage between breasts.

To sew a ruche into the neckline, use a piece of 1/8″ wide elastic and thread your machine with a bobbin color you are happy to have visible on the front of your garment. To help you sew the ruche in straight, you can chalk the center line of your top on the wrong side of your fabric. Set your machine to a very narrow zig-zag. Place the elastic under your machine foot and starting just under the FOE on the wrong side of your camisole, make a tack to anchor the elastic. Put the needle in the down position.

Pull on the elastic as taught as you can. Keeping the tension on the elastic (but still allowing your fabric to feed), zig-zag down your elastic as long as you would like to gather. Anchor your stitching on the other end.

Trim the top and bottom of the elastic. Voila!


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      Rouche is an accepted alternative spelling of ruche, but it’s not actually how I meant to spell it ;) My brain half-functional today thanks to being up all night with a sick toddler, but the blog must go on!

  1. I want to ruche the top of a v=neck dress maybe 4 inches. Will this cause center front to be shorter?

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