Top 5 Sewing Misses 2016

I think this year had a much higher ratio of flops:successes than normal (see my 2015 year in review2014 year in review, and 2013 in review for comparison). I was a bit surprised when I looked back to write this post to see that I’d consider so much of my sewing this year to be flops (though I did have some great successes too!), but I think the same things that kept me from doing much sewing (sickness, new-baby-induced sleep deprivation, and post-partum depression) kept me from sewing my best. Oh well. They were learning experiences. In no particular order, my top flops:


I think this vest was a lesson in I-should-have-left-well-enough-alone. Its first draft was okay (pictured above) but it felt a little viking-y and then I tried to make it better and it turned into a totally unflattering mess. Oh well. I have another two vest WIPs at the moment so hopefully they’ll be finished soon and much more wearable. What I learned: I’m not actually sure what I learned from this vest. I think it was a fine idea with fine execution. And then I went and messed it up. Maybe the lesson is to leave well enough alone? But I knew I wasn’t really going to enjoy wearing it as it was so I think I’m actually glad that I went ahead and tried to make it better.


I really wanted to love this outfit that I sewed to wear on Thanksgiving. I had visions of sexy vintage 70’s style. Instead, it came across a little, well, old. I got some interesting feedback from folks here and on Instagram (of very divided opinions – some people think the outift is off, some think it’s super flattering), but I think I’ve figured out that the problem for me comes down to the fabric. I’m toying with the idea of remaking the blouse in a bright fabric. What I learned: I’m just so much happier in brights and this outfit is just too muted for me. This is a lesson that I seem to learn over and over so maybe I’ll actually learn it one day…

drape front knit cardigan

When I finished knitting this fringed draped cardigan I was absolutely sure it was going to become a staple since it’s such a great neutral (Gillian and I agreed that ALL THE COLORS is a neutral since it matches everything). I think there’s two problems – the actual neutral parts of the sweater and the sleeves. I don’t like beige. I never have. I probably never will. I think the sweater is beautiful, but I’ve found that (especially with my current minimal wardrobe) most of my outfits are around black tones not brown tones. Also, the sleeves drive me crazy. They’re just a bit too short but they don’t stay pushed up and they’re awkwardly bulky if I try and roll them. I’ve got to fix the sleeve length in order to get myself to wear the sweater. What I’ve learned: I wear a lot more black than brown. My separates should reflect this.

basic woven tank top

I had a few sewing misses this summer. I was trying to sew a lightweight top for my totally unfamiliar body and just ended up with ill-fitting blahs. I knew they were flops as soon as I put them on and I never wore them. Fortunately, they both worked fine for my mom, so they weren’t a complete loss. In hindsight (looking at these photos right now), they weren’t that bad. But I was so uncomfortable in my post-baby body that I don’t think I would have felt like much of anything turned out right. What I’ve learned: Having a baby does crazy things to your body and those crazy things don’t go away just because you’ve had the baby. Be patient and love yourself regardless (I’m still working on this lesson).

fancy fox diaper bag

This diaper bag is both a hit and a miss. Aesthetically, it’s a total win. I adore how it looks. I carry it every day. But the way it’s designed it’s not as functional as it could be. The pockets inside are pretty useless so I’m always digging through the whole bag to find whatever I need. If I were to do this again, I would put more accessible interior pockets in and divided sections in the bag. But it is pretty dang cute! What I’ve learned: Pockets! Moar pockets!

Did you learn any lessons from your sewing flops this year?

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  1. I’m staring at your sweater, wondering… could you knit/crochet on black or grey cuffs and hem, and add a black or grey overstitched stripe somewhere on the sweater? It might fix the sleeve length, and bring the colours more in line with your wardrobe? I really love the look!

    1. Post

      Hmmm… maybe? I think, aside from needing to fix the sleeve length, a big solution will be to just be patient. When I’m back to fitting into more of my wardrobe (post-nursing as my bust is keeping me out of a lot of things right now) I’ll have more brown toned things that I like to wear. I’ll just know that next time I should buy yarn I love instead of trying to use strictly what’s in my stash!

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