Toddler Electron Layette

The question that I get the most about my Electron Layette pattern is “can a toddler climb around in it?” People are worried that a toddler’s movement might be restricted by the drop crotch of the pant and Evelyn is here to show you conclusively that she’s able to be as much of a climbing-jumping-running-flopping maniac in these pants as any others! Of course I didn’t manage to get any great action shots since she’s always moving too fast! (Though I did just buy a new lens for my camera so indoor action shots should be easier from here on out). So hopefully you’ll believe me :)

This set is sewn in size 2 yrs though Evelyn is somewhere between 18 months and 2 yrs in sizing so she has a bit of room to grow. She’s no longer interested in wearing the hat that is a part of the pattern (and never actually needed the drool bib that is also included) but she gets a lot of wear out of the pants and cardigan! These pants are a jegging fabric (that I had really really hoped to use for myself but got a little overenthusiastic and used it for a not-quite-ready draft of an upcoming leggings pattern that turned out to be unwearable so I had to salvage what I could for toddler clothes). The cardigan is from the scraps of my Ruby Joggers.

If you have a newborn to 2 yr old to sew for and are looking for a modern layette (outfit), check out our Electron Layette pattern!

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