Thurlow Shorts in Sage Velour

For years I’ve thought that wearing shorts in the winter is a stupid trend. I resisted it vehemently. And then last year I picked up a pair of wool shorts at the thrift store. And wore them incessantly. I’ve changed my mind. Winter shorts are awesome. I love wearing them over tights and I love wearing tights. And they actually kinda make sense for locales such as San Francisco where winter is so mild (well, compared to what I hear winter is like in other parts of the country. I wouldn’t actually know because it’s milder than Seattle or Portland but apparently they’re pretty mild too).

I was inspired by Lauren’s Thurlow sewalong to finally make my own pair of winter shorts. Many thanks to Lauren for hosting the sew along. I actually found the fly instructions in the pattern confusing (having just made a couple pairs of jeans with slightly different fly construction was just too much for my poor brain to handle, apparently) so her walkthrough was super helpful. Seriously, check out her sewalong. I don’t really have interior shots to show on my shorts because she was so thorough I figured I didn’t have anything to add.

Since the pattern is designed for curvy girls and from the navel down I’m a curvy girl, I found that this pattern actually required minimal fitting. Hooray! I opted not to put on the belt loops as I didn’t see myself wearing a belt with these and I like that there is no visible stitching on the shorts (other than the fly). I tend to topstitch everything, so this was a fun change from my habit. I did choose a totally ridiculous fabric for the lining, again inspired by Lauren. I’m super happy with silly fabric for the pocket linings/inside facings, but I kinda wish I would have picked a waistband lining that’s closer in shade to the fashion fabric because if you look straight down on my shorts form the top you can see the lining a tiny bit. I guess it’s really just me that has that view, so I’m okay with it this time around.

The fabric for these shorts is actually from an old pair of curtains of my mom’s. I’ve already turned most of it into a throw pillow and some floor pillows in my living room. (If you look closely at my Hexagon Quilt post you can see the throw pillow).

I did struggle a little bit with the welt pockets (so you don’t get to see a close-up photo of them) because both of my sewing machines were in the shop. I borrowed a machine from a friend for the weekend, but it didn’t particularly like to go through the layers of the velour so I had to do a bit of manhandling which led to less-than-perfect welts. All told, I’m super happy with these shorts. And very excited to wear them this winter. And I’ve already cut another pair of shorts. And planned a full-length trouser.

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  1. They look wonderful – as does your whole outfit! Yay for cold-weather shorts and ridiculous lining!! I guess I need to get off my bum and start working on mine now, huh? :)

    Thanks for linking me to this; I’m glad I could help :)

  2. Your very own Scarlet O’Hara moment. I love shorts with tights in the fall or warm winter days. Eric said there is no trend that reminds him more of days when we were dating, proving that fashion is cyclical. (In this case twenty years) Colleen has two pairs of corduroy shorts from my favorite British web site, Boden. She loves putting them on after dance class or mixing them with polka-dotted or striped tights and knee-high boots. I am working on a project for her for Christmas. I’ll send a photo when I’m done. I love reading about all that you are doing. Proud of you.

  3. I love these!! The color of the velour is marvelous, and pairing shorts with tights in the winter is a marvelous trend that I wish I could rock! Sadly, I will live vicariously through you and your milder climate :) No, seriously – I love this whole outfit, especially that sweater. What fabric are you using for your next pair of shorts and the pair of trousers?? I love that you used a curtain – yay recycling!

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