What Was I Thinkin’ Bow Neck Blouse

What Was I Thinkin Bow Neck Blouse

While I don’t listen to much country music, this bow necked blouse started as a straight up Dierks Bentley song. As in “What Was I Thinkin’?“. I thought that making a loose lace blouse would be a fun piece to layer, dressing up or down. But this really felt like a hot mess. I hated the shape, I hated the sleeves, I hated the placket in the front, I hated the peter pan collar (although I always think I’m going to like it) and I hated the fact that the bow wouldn’t lie straight!

mccalls m6648

I bought McCalls M6648 because it was on sale. And it had a bow. And I thought it was kind of elegant. I don’t know if my choice of lace was what killed it, or if it’s just not my style. I like the blouse the model is wearing, but a close look at the line drawing shows that the sleeves are set into giant armholes oddly set into the bodice. I’m definitely not going to use this pattern again, so if anyone wants it, I’ll mail it off to the first person that speaks up.

Oversize Pink Lace Tee

I did have fun underlining the button band, collar and yoke. I used the last bits of the silky cream fabric that I used for my Mad Men Joan Dress. I do really like the way the pink lace pops not he white underlining, so that’s something to keep in mind the next time I attempt lace.

The bow is attached to the neck with a little loop sewed onto the button placket. Except for the loop length used in the pattern is too long so it leaves the bow flopping down on the chest instead of staying tucked nicely next to the collar.

pink lace tee with white collar

So, I chopped and chopped and sewed it together, and I think I’ve come up with something that I liked. I removed the front button facing and instead sewed it up into a french seam. I removed the vast majority of the sleeves and raised the armhole to almost normal levels. I twisted up one side of the collar to make it asymmetrical and tacked on a little bow (made from the cut off button placket) onto the other side of the collar.

pink lace tee

The blouse is still imperfect. I’m not enamored with the visible seam down the front. And, removing the volume from the front brings the side seams too far forward. The sleeves are a little bat-wing, but not enough to look like it’s on purpose. But, I think I like it enough to wear it. It’s fun with jeans. And I got some compliments. So I’ll put it into wardrobe rotation and see what happens.

underlined yoke on pink lace tee

I do like the underlined yoke and collar from the back, so at least that’s something! I like my little birdie bow neck blouse that I made for the BNBsewalong much better so far, but there are definitely more to come!

bow neck blouse pink lace

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  1. Ouch! Nice save though. I think I found a pattern for my bow blouse just need to dig through the stash and find the right fabric. Hopefully it goes a little smoother than this attempt did for you.

  2. I’m not sure if you would be willing to send overseas (UK) I’d love the pattern. I think your modified version looks great too!

    1. Post

      Curious to see how it works for you if you ever do make it up. It seems more your style than mine?

  3. I’m not sure I could have brought myself to look past the first incarnation and save it, but you deserve a round of applause for giving it a second chance! I think the problem with the original is that those oversized blouses only look good in really drapey fabric, and if that lace is what I think it is (I have some of the same in my stash, but in green), it’s way too stiff for that.

    1. Post

      It’s a cheap lace, most definitely, but I thought it had enough drape to work. Apparently not!

  4. I think the model’s pose is deceiving. I think you’d have to keep your arms down at your side like she is to pull off this top. Those sleeves are just huge! Also, is she really leaning up against an “Auto Pole”? Anyway, great save.

    1. Post

      Yeah, weird photoshoot prop, right? I noticed that. Kinda like they were running out of ideas at the end of the photoshoot and said “Hey, just lean up against this.”

  5. You second version is definitely a huge improvement! I’m impressed you didn’t just toss it but turned it into something that looks nice.

  6. Great save! Transforming the blouse into something you would wear. I love the Birdies fabric and blouse. I am going to do that pattern next.

  7. Oh ugh, I think I have that pattern. Thanks for saving me the pain of making it :) I love how you saved it, though! I probably would have just considered it a total loss.

  8. I was soooo close to picking this pattern up last week during a sale. In the end I passed thinking the looseness might be overwhelming & being unsure about those sleeves. Now I’m really glad I didn’t include it in my BNB plans. Way to transform the blouse into something more flattering! Although I’m glad you didn’t waste any precious fabric on it.

  9. What a great save! I also really like the underlined yoke in the back. It’s kind of unbelievable how huge the original version was, and it just goes to show that these patterns are photographed in the best possible configuration, which is not necessarily a realistic one!

  10. I totally have this pattern and had fabric picked out to make it, only I got side tracked! Now I am happy I did not cut into my pretty fabric. Those sleeves are atrocious and I can’t believe I missed that! Now I can choose to make somethig different OR modify the pattern… (although it’s kinda doubtful I will do that!) The 2nd version is a great improvement. LOVE the pink lace! ~Laurie

  11. I love how the finished shirt turned out. And the seam down the front is cool. It reminds me of the book, Improv Sewing.

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