Tempest Devyne of Fanbloomingtastic on Sewing and Style

I’m bring you a continuing series of interviews with sewing bloggers, exploring their connection between their ability to sew and their style. Today, I have for you the fun, funky, silly, awesome Tempest Devyne of FanBloomingtastic. I love that she sews outrageous and yet totally wearable clothing, with such a sense of humour (get it? humour not humor??), and she just hosted the Bowie Sewalong that I’ve been swooning over. Here are her thoughts on how her ability to sew feeds her totally unique style.

Tempest Devyne of Fanbloomingtastic

Describe what you sew.
Everything! I try to have a go at most things to push my comfort zones and learn new things. I’ve done dresses, shorts, tops, shirts, jackets, a hoodie, hats, onesies and loads of burlesque costumes. Ooh and a crown! I’m a skirt and dress girl mostly though….trousers don’t really appeal to me.

What inspires or influences your sewing choices?
My sewing is influenced by popular culture, movies and runway fashion. My sewing room notice boards are covered with cuttings from magazines and/or photocopies from books. Pinterest has opened up a whole new world of inspiration too. I LOVE RESEARCH! It’s my favourite bit of all makes, whether getting involved in associated music or movies, TV episodes or comics, researching famous designers or dressmakers or fabrics and eras. Love it!

I look at every day as a chance to play dress-up. How do you play dress-up?
Although probably most of what I wear would be considered frosting (though as a Brit I’d call it icing;)) I have the most fun ‘dressing up’ by the way I accessorise my outfits for photoshoots. Although I’ll wear the outfits I blog about making, I might not wear all the pieces together everyday as I do in photos. So dressing up tends to be me doing my photoshoots on completion of makes or wearing silly things to the school where I volunteer for one of their theme days. I used to ‘dress-up’ much more regularly when I was a burlesque performer as looking weird/extravagant was part of the job-description.

How does your passion for sewing enable you to wear what you want to wear?
Sewing things means I can try out lots of different things that I might not be able to buy. It’s so exciting.

Has your style changed with time? Has a change in style caused you to change your sewing abilities?
Oh Blimey that’s a question and a half. All of this is quite difficult to answer because I’ve never really thought about my style, or even A style. I just wear what makes me smile. I used to be an accountant which meant I had to wear suits, but even then I’d push it as far as I was able by wearing purple suits or red jackets etc. I’ve only been sewing for a few years so I think it’s too early to try and work out how that’s changed whatever my style is. I will say that doing the Sew Weekly challenges last year made me sew a lot of things I’d never have tried otherwise. I learnt that I like clothes with more structure that show my figure rather than disguise it like most shop-bought clothes for larger ladies available.

What about in the beginning: Did you learn to sew so that you could wear certain things?
I learnt to sew so I could make my own burlesque costumes.

Does your style require that you are able to sew?
I wear stuff that makes me smile and is colourful. I don’t need to be able to sew to do that but being able to sew means I can be creative and make things…and making things makes me happy.

Anything else you would like to say about sewing and style?
Sewing is great and has introduced me to a wonderful sharing and fun community of sewcialists.

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  1. Great interview with the Divine Tempest…She does have such a fun style and I love tuning in to her blog and seeing her makes… Thanks for sharing! ~Laurie

  2. Great post! It interests me to discover that Tempest doesn’t necessarily live every moment styled to the max like the photoshoots. I admire her bold, research-driven choices.

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