Teenage Mutant Ninja Knee Highs

wendy roam fusion sock yarn

Of all places to get a bunch of knitting done, I must say that sitting on a tropical beach on a tiny island off of Lombok, Indonesia is a pretty delightful way to knit. Although my husband and I are traveling around the world for 4 months with only a small backpack a piece (which certainly meant that I couldn’t bring my sewing machine), there was no way that I was going to leave my knitting behind!

sock knitting in progress

I started these socks on the multitudinous flights that got us from Seattle to Bangkok and have knit them across Thailand and Indonesia. I wrote the pattern to be a stitch sampler and spent a bunch of time calculating the stitch increases so it would fit my skinny calf perfectly and then figuring out how to fit stitch increases into the various stitch patterns I had chosen. And then I decided I hated what I had done so far. The interesting stitch patterns were lost in the multi-color yarn and they just weren’t meeting my vision. So I frogged them and started over.

tattoo under socks

I decided I would knit the socks in a simple basketweave so that the pattern didn’t distract from the yarn (or vise versa). But I wasn’t paying attention and calculated my stitch increases by row instead of by pattern repeat. They were very quickly completely the wrong size for my calf, ┬áso I frogged them and started over again.

stockinette knee highs in progress

I finally decided that I would just switch to simple stockinette. Not very interesting to knit, but probably more appropriate for a travel project because I can knit them without looking (and I figured out how to prop my book with pillows so I could read while knitting them too!). A simple pair of knee-high stockinette stitch socks will certainly get worn a lot and I’m often not very good at getting myself to knit simple things that I can wear regularly.

teenage mutant ninja turtle color socks

I really like this yarn. It’s Wendy Roam Fusion sock yarn, given to me by Minerva Fabrics. It’s 75% superwash wool and 25% nylon so it’s a very practical sock yarn. The colors are delicious and remind me of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (you know, the green background is the turtle color while there are also the blue, purple, red and orange of the individual Ninja Turtles.) The other colorways are pretty too. I’ve been knitting on 2.75mm needles. Each skein has 100g so if you want to knit a normal length sock, you could get two socks from one skein, making it quite a deal, too!

stockinette knee high ninja turtle socks

Does anyone else have a hard time making themselves knit things that they’ll actually wear? And what is your favorite Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle? (Mine was Donatello, but I liked to play with the April action figure until she fell behind the radiator).

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  1. Gorgeous! So sad you had to frog them several times but I really like how the stockinette shows off the yarn. I’m working on a pair of leg warmers with some self striping yarn. I’ve got the one done but following the pattern I made up for my skinny legs is somehow more boring the second time around. This has inspired me to get it done.
    Glad you are enjoying your travels!

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  2. This is by far the best name for a knitting project ever :D I’m the worst at practical knitting, but this summer I’ve made an effort and I’m trying to be more sensible about the projects I choose. So far so good :)

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