Shannon of Shanniloves and the Rambo Project

What a way to end the Rambo Project with a bang! Shannon of Shanniloves made awesomesauce shorts (complete with chevrons on the back pockets) and filled in exactly what Rambo was missing (other than a shower) – a sidekick!


Cindy of Cation Designs and the Rambo Project

I love what Cindy has to say about sewing and friendship in her writeup of her Rambo Project. This great little cardigan successfully turns an old turban into a functional new garment and I’m so glad to have enabled Rambo’s imaginary 4th movie: A Celebration of Friendship.

Cassie Stephens and the Rambo Project

If anyone can successfully do a mashup of Frida Kahlo and Rambo, it’s the inimitable Cassie Stephens. So delighted to have her artsy contribution to the Rambo Project!

Amity of Lolita Patterns and the Rambo Project

I’m afraid that Amity of Lolita Pattern’s exciting news totally overshadows her fun Rambo Project. Once I tell you that she sewed a baby sling from the Rambo fabric, can you guess what the news is!?!

Katie of Kadiddlehopper and the Rambo Project

Rambo went full on girly in Katie’s contribution to the Rambo project. And OMG do I love it! Great fabric pairing makes this gorgeous skirt very, very wearable! Hey Katie, want to trade Rambo skirts?


Heather of Handmade by Heather B and the Rambo Project

I thought that nobody could top Tempest’s delightful re-imagining of the Rambo story, but Heather sure gives her a run for her money! In Heather’s hilarious re-telling “Unable to make carbon copy clones of John Rambo, the team came up with a different plan. They would make a female super soldier, one that was as good with a gun as she was with a needle…….and so Jessica Rambo was born.” I never dreamed that anyone would turn this fabric into a bustier dress but OMG I love it!

Tempest of Fanbloomingtastic and the Rambo Project

ZOMG. You guys have to go read Tempest’s post about her Rambo Project outfit. She re-wrote Rambo III into an elaborate story making her Mr. Rambo’s emergency costume and “His Worst Nightmare.” It’s brilliant!!! Thanks Tempest for injecting your usual funky style and fabulous wit into the Rambo Project.

Lauren of Lladybird and the Rambo Project

I didn’t even think it was possible to take a worn turban from Rambo III and make it into something uber-sexy. But Lauren of Lladybird has definitely done it with this little top! As she says “When given a small piece of random fabric with questionable characteristics and an awesome back story, I like to go by my old stand-by – make something SLUTTY! Rambo would be proud.”

Shams of Communing With Fabric and the Rambo Project

Shams of Communing with Fabric turned her Rambo Project turban into a jeans style jacket. I had the pleasure of seeing it in person and the construction is impeccable (of course) and there was SO MUCH hand stitching so that the crazy fabric would stretch out during construction. Love how she used the stripes in her jacket!


My Rambo Skirt

I try really hard to write catchy intros to my posts that tell about my life at the moment or about what inspired a project or something that will grab you, my dear reader, and make you want to know more. But I’m at a loss for words (which, those of you that have met me in person will know, is something that doesn’t happen often!). I don’t have any more to say about The Rambo Project that I haven’t already said, so I’m just going to jump in and show you this skirt! By now you might recognize the stripes on the waistband as having been cut from a Rambo III turban. (And if you don’t yet, by the end of this month you sure will!). The front button placket also came from the turban. I had such a hard time figuring out what to do with this weird fabric, but …

Sonja of Ginger Makes and the Rambo Project

The awesome Sonja of Ginger Makes turned her Rambo Project turban into a super fun summer top. I love her use of the stripes! She says “I turned this old turban into a swingy, summery top!” putting an awesome spin on the phrase “Oh this old thing?”


The Turban in Western Fashion

If you ask a generic American “Who wears turbans?” you are most likely to get a response that describes someone unlike the respondee. Maybe the respondee would include a person like herself on the list, but only if she had cancer or faced hair loss. In fact, turbans are currently worn all over the world by people of many different religions. Moreover, turbans have also been a staple garment throughout the history of western fashion, even up to very recent history. A turban is a length of fabric, twisted around the head. Different fabrics, colors, and styles of wrapping are associated with different cultures, communities, eras, and classes. But at its core, the simplicity of the turban helps to explain why it is so readily found all around the world all through history. Some of the early examples of turbans being present in western fashion are those worn during the …

Oona of Oonaballoon and the Rambo Project

Kicking off The Rambo Proejct, is the lovely Oona of Oonaballoona. She may have kept the project simple, but her turban was refashioned into la wrambette in true kalkatroonaan style!


The Rambo Project

So, I have a crazy story and a crazy idea that follow from it. And I roped in some crazy friends to help me make the crazy idea happen. And now I am SO EXCITED to get to share the craziness with all of you! I was given a bunch of boxes of old fabric from a friend and she told me that one particular box full was given to her by a friend that used to work in hollywood. The friend had found this box on a shelf at work and decided to make it disappear from the shelf. And then it sat in her garage untouched until it got passed onto my friend where it sat in her garage untouched and then it got passed to me. And then I had to come up with a crazy fun idea to do the fabric justice. You see, the fabric in this …