Handmade Souvenirs from Baja

When we travel, I like to come home with a souvenir or two that was handmade in the place we just visited. I brought home three things from our trip to Baja last week.

Handmade Czech Easter Eggs

Adam travels a lot for work. He just got back from Prague and brought me the most lovely handmade Czech Easter eggs as a souvenir. He bought them at a store called Manufaktura that says “We established our company with the aim to preserve and present Czech and Moravian craft which is in danger of disappearing nowadays. Gradually, we managed to join together more than 250 small craftsmen, former masters of folk production.” They  had a lot of information about the history and tradition of the Czech Easter eggs. “Traditional Czech products are made of easily accessible natural materials – clay, wood, withe [twig], straw, linen…By old cult view, the egg as a symbol of life and its role was to provide for life-giving fertility and wealth. Egg decoration then intensified its symbolic and magic impressiveness in human perception. Hardly anywhere in the world, decoration of Easter eggs has developed in such …


Handmade Alaska Souvenirs

While in Homer, Alaska, last week, I bought myself a couple of souvenirs handmade by local artists. The bracelet is carved from birch. It was made by artist George Overpeck. He spends his summers commercial fishing in Bristol Bay and kitesurfing on Kachemak Bay. His winters are occupied with woodturning in Homer. Most of his work is done with the Betula kenaica, a variety of white birch that is unique to the Kenai peninsula. The bracelet is amazingly light and I love how clear the patterning in the wood is. The necklace is scrimshawed by artist Brian Burns on a piece of ancient mammoth tusk. Scrimshaw is a type of etching in a which a line is scratched onto the piece then filled by pigment. Brian Burns practices his art and works on boats in Homer, Alaska. He is an avid hiker and explorer and collects many of the materials …