Closet ReOrganization

I have a small closet in my bedroom. And I have to share it with my boyfriend. This has been a point of contention between us since we moved in together, 1 1/2 years ago. We’re both only-children, so sharing space isn’t a strong point for either of us. He thinks that he should get half the closet since it’s half his home. I think he should just get rid of the clothes he doesn’t wear and then there would be plenty of space for me to take over the closet. We had to agree to disagree for the sake of our relationship.


Our Trip to Los Barriles over Thanksgiving

Adam and I spent our Thanksgiving this year in Los Barriles, South Baja, Mexico. We hosted Thanksgiving dinner for our families last year. This year, we decided that our priorities for the holiday were low stress and time together. So we escaped to Mexico!


Vintage Pink Samsonite Luggage Set

Accompanying me on my last two weeks of travel was the most delightful set of luggage that I have ever encountered. I actually cried at the vintage/antique store where I found it because I wanted it so bad. (Seriously, I teared up at the thought that I really should have walked away. I didn’t really have the money to buy them but they were so absolutely totally perfect for me that I couldn’t pass them up.) The set is a vintage Samsonite set in a delightful mottled pink and orange. It includes the large hard sided case, the small soft sided case, a train case, and a carry-on. I’m in love. Really and truly. The insides of the cases are in just as good condition as the outsides. I’ve bought many pieces of vintage samsonite before (at Goodwill by the pound in Portland, also known as The Bins). I always …

Things I Love About Portland: Coffee Culture and Good Beer

Things I love about Portland, Part III. Coffee Culture In Portland, coffee is plentiful. And it’s good coffee.  Readily found on almost every corner, the ubiquitous coffee shop not only proffers delightful drinks, it offers a comfortable space to hang out with your laptop. Unlike San Francisco, where you’re glared at for sitting around too long, Portland coffee shops offer a place to gather and work the day away as long as you don’t mind continuing to buy drinks, and trust me, I don’t mind! Beer In Portland, beer is plentiful. And it’s good beer.  Readily found on almost every corner, the ubiquitous pub not only proffers delightful drinks, it offers a comfortable space to hang out with your friends. Portland pubs offer a place to gather and hang out all evening as long as you don’t mind continuing to buy drinks, and trust me, I don’t mind!

Things I Love About Portland: Food Carts and Voodoo Donuts

Things I love about Portland Part II: Food Carts Portland does food carts like no other town. It’s fun to walk through downtown and see food carts lining the streets and people lining up for the food carts. Dozens of options, every type of cuisine imaginable, and good prices are hard to beat. Yesterday I ate breakfast, lunch, and dinner from the carts. Mmmmm…. Voodoo Doughnuts Okay, so Voodoo Doughnuts are not the best doughnuts in town. But they’re an institution. It’s fun to get such ridiculous treats as a Captain my Captain (captain crunch on a vanilla doughnut) and Tangfastic (tang on a doughnut). Their outside brick walls are covered in gold glitter and they are open 24/7. Good things do come in pink boxes and the magic is in the hole.

Things I Love About Portland: Vintage Clothing Stores and Powells Books

I’m on vacation in Portland this week. I went to college here, and I love this city. Adam and I decided that if we were orphans we would live here. (Since we’re both very close to our families, I want to live in Seattle and he wants to live in Santa Barbara. But if we didn’t have our families pulling us, we would choose Portland.) While I’m here for the week, I’m taking a break from my usual content and showing snippets of things that I love about this town. I hope you enjoy! If you haven’t been to Portland, you should check it out sometime. If you have, tell me what you love about it! Vintage Clothing Stores I love all the vintage clothing so readily available in Portland. And it’s so very much cheaper than in San Francisco. I went to several stores yesterday looking for the perfect …

Georgie Gets a Girlfriend

My favorite doll growing up was a sock monkey named Georgie. I’ve always had a soft spot for sock monkeys, and so when I found a pattern for knitting a girl sock monkey (Carmen Banana!) I just had to make it. I knit Carmen and two different outfits for her.