A Singer Featherweight Named Rosalyn

Hello Everyone. I would like to introduce you to my new friend Rosalyn. She’s a sturdy gal that’s already had a lifetime full of adventure, her most recent escapade being a journey across the pond to live with me! We share a birthday (November 7th), although she’s a fair bit older than me, having been made in 1949. Even though I knew that my mom was going to be buying me a featherweight as a graduation gift (mostly so she had an excuse to buy one for herself at the same time ;) I still gasped with awe as I unwrapped this beautiful little black case. So plain and unprepossessing. And yet what beautiful glory doth wait, nestled inside! (Okay, I’ve never been much of a poet. Sorry for inflicting that upon you.) But really, isn’t she gorgeous, nestled in that little black box? My mom bought her machine (named Rosie) …


Clean Your Sewing Machine with a Pipe Cleaner

Seriously. The title says it all. Clean your sewing machine with a pipe cleaner. It’s the best way that I have found to get lint out of a bobbin case. I give my bobbin case a quick swipe with my pipe cleaner every time I change the bobbin. Doesn’t take but a moment and it really gets the lint out! I’m serious you guys, go try it, and quit looking at me like I’m crazy! I mean, I know I might be crazy, but this pipe-cleaner-bobbin-case-thing isn’t an example of that!