Tiny Santa Barbara Courthouse Wedding

I’m terrible at keeping secrets. Actually, I can keep other people’s secrets without a problem. I can’t keep any of my own, so I’m going to have to spill the beans. Adam and I popped down to Santa Barbara last week and got married! We tied the knot in front of the fountain at the Santa Barbara courthouse, the same place that he first told me he loved me and later asked me to marry him! The wedding was a tiny affair – just me and Adam, his parents, his grandmother, and one set of my parents (my mom and step-dad). We are keeping it pretty quiet since we are considering the big wedding we have coming up next month to be our actual wedding and the anniversary that we will celebrate. But Nanny Sheila, Adam’s grandmother, has been a very important part of his life and she is 94 …

Living Old Mission Santa Barbara

A couple of weekends ago I went down to Santa Barbara. I had an inspiring tour through an inspiring place with two very inspiring women. My mom, Adam’s mom, and I toured the museum and gardens of the Santa Barbara Mission. It was built in 1786 but is still a site of education, reflection, and worship. It’s a Franciscan mission. Although I am not religious, and certainly not Catholic, I have always like Saint Francis of Asissi for being the patron saint of animals and the environment.