Revitalizing a Leather Purse

Revitalized leather purse from Tuesday Stitches

I bought this worn leather purse at the thrift store thinking I would cannibalize it for the pretty hardware. And when I got it cleaned I noticed that the inside had crafty pocket construction so I set it aside thinking I’d wait to cut it apart until I could take some time exploring how the pockets were constructed. And after it had sat in my WIP pile long enough I decided that it was worth seeing if I could perk the leather back up and give it a second life as is. I think she’s looking good and ready to live her second life! I’m certainly no expert, but I did do a fair bit of reading to figure out the best approach to bring old leather back to life and the following was my approach. Clean the bag. I had already given the purse a thorough cleaning with soap …


Carpet Bag Knitting Bag

Carpet bag style purse handmade from vintage needlepoint chair seats

You know those projects where you have a great idea and the bits and pieces for sitting around for, oh, say, several years before you get around to sewing them? And then you’re like “that took me one evening why the heck did I wait so long?” Yeah, this is exactly that kind of project. Many years ago my great grandmother Roseada gave me a carpetbag that was hers that I adored and used to carry my knitting. I can’t actually remember when I lost it but I do remember being sad that it got lost. Since then I’ve carried my knitting around in various little zippered pouches which is great for lace and socks, but bigger knits really deserve something prettier than the ziploc bags they end up in when they outgrow my zippered pouches! My mom found these pretty vintage needlepoint chair seats in an antique store and bought …


How to Sew Duffel-Style Detachable Swivel Hook Straps

Swivel hooks are a fun piece of hardware to add to the strap of a purse or bag. They’re easy to install and add a lot of functionality, allowing the bag to exist with or without a strap. I decided to add a strap with swivel hooks to my duffelette purse – a little purse designed like a miniature duffel bag (The pattern for the purse is up on Sew Mama Sew today!) – and wrote a tutorial so you can do the same, for a duffelete purse or any other purse or bag you sew. I will show you two different ways you can attach your handle to your bag – with a D ring or with strapping loops. Either way, you want to sew the swivel hook attachment on to the side of your bag before you assemble your bag. To sew a purse strap with swivel hooks …


Announcing the Presidio Purse!

    For my December Minerva Crafts Network Project, I’m thrilled to show off my Presidio Purse. I was carrying my purse for the first time yesterday and plopped it down on the counter of a craft supply store while I dug out my wallet to pay for some last minute stocking stuffers. The gal behind the counter exclaimed “What a wonderful purse! I’m a total purse junky. Where did you get it?” I was pretty stoked to be able to say “I made it! The pattern is mine and I will be releasing it on January 1st!” A pattern release, you say!?! Yes, I say!! Check back into my website on January 1st for the official release of my Presidio Purse pattern. I’ll have some gorgeous photos of gorgeous finished purses from my wonderful pattern testers. And over the course of January, I’ll host a full step-by-step sew-along. The pattern …


Burgundy Leather Clutch

Last week I went to another PopUp Britex. The first one I attended was about textiles. This one was a leather workshop, with Melissa Fleis, an SF  fashion designer known for being on Project Runway Season 10. It was at THE NWBLK, a gallery and workspace. I hadn’t been inside before, although I often ride past their big black warehouse door.  Being nosy, I peeped around a bit before the workshop started and saw some really interesting furniture and lighting in their display space. The workshop started with Melissa giving a bit of her background and a discussion of why she loves working with leather. She walked us through the the supplies available to us, and then gave a demonstration of cutting out a rectangle of fabric using a pattern, marking the leather, punching holes for stitching, and assembling a clutch. Britex supplied a lovely burgundy cow hide for us. They …


Radial Purse Template and Instructions

Plastic canvas is a pretty fun material to have on hand. It’s excellent for craft projects but also makes a great backbone for sewn projects needing structure – including the radial purse I put together as a part of the Plastic Canvas Blog Hop hosted by Diane of CraftyPod. When you think of plastic canvas purses (if you ever think of plastic canvas purses) you probably think of cheap acrylic yarn in olive green and mustard yellow needlepointed onto a purse by your grandmother in the 1970’s. While there’s nothing wrong with those purses (I proudly carry one myself!), plastic canvas purses can be so much more! My Radial Purse uses a quilting technique to get the fun radials and requires beginner sewing skills. Supplies: Download Radial Purse Template (Print without scaling.) Fabric (Works for many fabric types. Amount varies based on your design decisions.) Snap or velco (optional) Interfacing or …

East West Knit Purse

Oh man. Well, I finished it under three years. Another WIP to cross off the list! I thought this purse was beautiful when I saw it in the KnitPicks catalog. My mom purchased it for me for my birthday shortly after, and the rest is history, albeit a rather boring history.