Fall/Winter Sewing Plans

It’s hard for me to plan out too much of what I’m going to sew as I’m often distracted by shiny objects. And there’s always way more ideas (and fabric and patterns) than time. But I thought that perhaps this year I would assemble a short list of things I would like to sew and wear this fall/winter so that I can retain a bit of focus and flesh out some gaps, knowing that I’ll interject shiny objects in between. High on the list is another pair of jeans. I’m finding I much prefer to wear mid to high waist pants in my post-baby body rather than the low-rise I preferred before which leaves me a grand total of 1 pair of jeans in my closet that I like. I have quite a collection of 70’s jeans patterns which all have the rise I’m looking for but these seemed like …


Planning My Garden

There’s been a whole lot of daydreaming going on around here (from sewing ideas to wanting to make hats) since there hasn’t been a lot of doing, thanks to this pregnancy. My latest daydreams are revolving around my garden, and I’m pretty dang excited to show some absolutely massive changes that have happened to our yard and to share what I want to do now that the changes are in place. When we bought the house last year, we had a list of construction projects that we wanted to (eventually) do in the house to make it our dream house. What we didn’t realize, is that the property needed a major construction project as well. After living in our house for a bit, we discovered two major flaws in the property – 1) It was hard to get into the house. There were steep and uneven gravel paths leading to the …


Fall for Cotton Sewalong

I’ve missed out on a bunch of sewalongs this summer as various physical ailments have conspired to keep me away from my sewing machine. However, I’m sure (knock-on-wood!) that I’ll be able to participate in the Fall for Cotton sewalong next month, hosted by Rochelle of Lucky Lucille and Tasha of By Gum, By Golly. When I first heard of the sewalong, where the challenge is to use all cotton to sew a vintage style garment, I immediately thought of McCall’s 5088 from 1976, a pattern that my mom and her sister purchased new and both sewed outfits from it. I already picked up some quilting weight cotton in a fun Southwestern print that will be the skirt and a heavier weight that will be the pants. And oh shucks, I’ll need to go fabric shopping again because I want to do the full ensemble of top and shirt as …


March Sewalongs 2013

I may have bitten off more than I can chew for this month. But there are so many fun sewalongs that I simply can’t say no!  For the stashbusting sewalong, I’ve already made a skirt that would qualify for this month’s theme of impending seasonal change. However, when I first saw the theme, I thought immediately thought of making a hoodie tunic with kangaroo pocket out of pink and grey plaid from my stash. So, I’m not going to let myself get out of using it up! I am head-over-heels in love with Tempest’s David Bowie sew-along. I could wax poetic about how I’ve been in love with him my whole life, but I’ll save that for another time. In the meantime I will say that it inspired way too many ideas on my part, but as I’ve already got a lot on my plate, I’m keeping it down to …

Knitting Plans

I got a little excited. And bought more than a little yarn. I seem to be very cyclical in my knitting in that I knit from my stash for a long time and then all of the sudden I go crazy and buy a bunch of new yarn. But (unlike my fabric stash) I only buy yarn with specific projects planned for each skein of yarn. So here’s the new projects I will be knitting.