Hand Dyed Silk Kanzashi Flowers

A collection of flowers. A panoply of kanzashi flowers. A range of silk flowers. An array of handmade flowers. A multitude of hand-dyed flowers. An assemblage of pink and purple flowers. A lot of flowers. Aren’t they so very bright and happy! And cheerful and fun! Okay, okay, I’ll lay off the thesaurus, I promise. I handmade and hand-dyed each of these flowers from silk noile from Minerva Crafts for my Minerva Craft Blogger project this month. Kanzashi is a Japanese method of folding fabric into individual petals and then sewing them together into flowers. I followed instructions in the book Kanzashi in Bloom by Diane Gilleland. The instructions in the book are great, but it’s worth noting that the vast majority of the book is ideas for using the flowers in projects. Diane has a how-to video on her website that’s a great resource if you want to make …


Floral Knit Cowl

This floral cowl was a fun excuse to learn a new skill. I designed the chart and knit it as a double-knit, so the inside and outside are the same pattern but inverse colors. I figured a little cowl is just a tube so it should be quick and easy to knit, right? Ha! 40 hours of knitting later (and one stripe less than I originally planned!) it’s finally done. But it was worth every (slow) stitch because it’s bright and fun and happy and cheerful and cozy. I knit this from Sublime cashmere-merino-silk DK weight yarn given to me by Minerva Crafts for being a part of their blogger network. It’s a lovely yarn and I would be very happy to use it again in another project. In fact, I’d be tempted to use this same selection of colors to knit myself a little cardigan or a simple pullover. …


Pink Silk Retro Bow Neck Blouse Simplicity 2154

Is this outfit too much? No, don’t tell me. I don’t want to know the answer. I am overcompensating with this outfit. You see, yesterday was not a good day. It poured down rain on my ride into work and the crotch of my rain pants split half way through the ride. So all the water that was puddling in my lap leaked into my crotch. And when I got into work and took off the failed rain pants, it looked like I had peed my pants. Not a good look and certainly not very comfortable. Fortunately, a co-worker had a pair of sweatpants I could borrow (thanks again Alex!). Unfortunately, they were the exact same color as the sweatshirt I was already wearing. So I ended up in a navy sweatsuit. (Oh, and I was wearing an oversize beanie because my hair was due for a wash and I …


What Was I Thinkin’ Bow Neck Blouse

While I don’t listen to much country music, this bow necked blouse started as a straight up Dierks Bentley song. As in “What Was I Thinkin’?“. I thought that making a loose lace blouse would be a fun piece to layer, dressing up or down. But this really felt like a hot mess. I hated the shape, I hated the sleeves, I hated the placket in the front, I hated the peter pan collar (although I always think I’m going to like it) and I hated the fact that the bow wouldn’t lie straight! I bought McCalls M6648 because it was on sale. And it had a bow. And I thought it was kind of elegant. I don’t know if my choice of lace was what killed it, or if it’s just not my style. I like the blouse the model is wearing, but a close look at the line …


Vivacious Jeans for Sew Weekly Reunion

The Facts Fabric: Pink denim with a lot more stretch in it than I realized. Notions: One button, one zipper. Matching pink thread for topstitching. Pantone Challenge colors: Vivacious Pattern: Self drafted. Mid-high waist jeans with waistband that widens in the back. Essentially the same as my Brown Floral Print Jeans. I made some minor changes to get the side seam straighter. Year: 2013 Time to complete: 9.25 hrs but it really shouldn’t have taken me this long. First worn: Today Wear again? Oh for sure! These will be a wardrobe staple. Total Cost: $25? I used 2.5 yds and I got it at the discount fabric store, but I’ve since forgotten how much I paid. I’m guessing $10/yd. Button and zipper have been in stash forever and were probably gifts. I always enjoyed reading contributions to the Sew Weekly although I never took part myself, and I’m thrilled to be …


Almost a Bombshell in My Swimsuit

I’m finally done with my bombshell swimsuit. I simply adore the retro influenced style and started it just after Heather of Closet Case Files released the pattern, but my hip injury kept me away from the sewing machine for so long that I’ve just now finished it up. Although summer is waning elsewhere, nice weather is just about to start here in San Francisco. Just about the only time I’m ever found in a swimsuit is when sitting in a hot-tub, (I don’t like swimming and I’m too pale to tan), but this adorable suit might change that! I followed Heather’s excellent sew-along. This being the first swimsuit I’ve made, I pretty much followed her instructions to the letter. I did grade between sizes, going up one size for the bottom, since I’m a pear. I used the stretch zig-zag on my sewing machine for all of the stitching. I really …


Pink Linen Trousers with Pintuck

I made these trousers using Simplicity 3688, the 1940’s reproduction pattern, out of pink 100% linen. I’ve previously made them in khaki. The pattern is so simple and easy, there’s really not much to say. I made these for the sole purpose of coordinating with my pink brocade peplum top so I could have a new outfit for a weekend in Vegas. However, for anyone that’s been following my Me Made May progress on Flickr (or read my summary post from the first half of the month), you’ll notice that I’ve worn these several times already this month. And I’m likely to continue wearing them as they are comfortable, easy to coordinate, a good weight for this time of year, and pink.


Pink Pleated Maxi Skirt

This pink pleated maxi skirt was a quick-and-simple project that wasn’t actually all that quick to sew up. But I’m happy with the time spent on it as I think it will be a wardrobe staple. Ok, so I admit that sheer striped pepto-bismol-pink maxi skirts aren’t wardrobe staples for everyone. But it will be for me!