Me Made May 2013 Part 1

Me Made May is now half over. It’s been pretty easy to wear something I’ve made every day, but I have  learned from the process. A couple of general insights: – I hate being told what to do. Even by myself. Every morning I look in my closet and think “Ok, pick something you’ve made. I don’t want to wear something I’ve made. Don’t be silly, of course you do. You almost always wear something you’ve made every day anyway. You don’t  tell me what to do.” Yeah, that whole conversation is with myself. I feel like I’m fighting with a 4 year old inside my own head. – I have eclectic taste. Okay, so I kinda already knew this. But seeing a photo of myself every day really hits home that I don’t have an easily defined aesthetic. I think I’m okay with this, but it seems like I …

My Me-Made-May 2013 Pledge

 I, Seamstress Erin of, sign up as a participant of Me-Made-May ’13. I endeavour to wear a handmade garment each day for the duration of May 2013 I’ve been admiring other bloggers doing Me Made May for a couple of years now and I’m excited to take part myself this year! (Not familiar with MMM? Read Zoe’s explanation.) If you want to follow along closely, I’ll be posting a photo every day on Flickr and taking part in conversations on twitter with #MMMay13. I’ll blog a few summaries during the month, and I’m sure I’ll have some concluding thoughts at the end!