Month in Review – March 2015

March. I think it was a good month, but I’m caught up in the middle of a whirlwind right now and it’s hard for me to reflect on anything without knowing that it’s colored by what’s going on right now. To make a long story short, we found our dream home, put an offer on it and it was accepted! Except for the fact that we have spent 48 hrs trying to figure out how to get internet connected at the house and it looks like it may not be possible and, with both of us working from home, permanently living in a house without internet isn’t an option. We are pretty crushed, and have 24hrs left to find a solution or let the house go to someone else. I know there will be another great house for us out there, but I’m so tired of moving from one place …


Q1 Roundup

Q1 roundup. That sounds so business-y, doesn’t it? But it’s an easier title than January – February – and March roundup, isn’t it? Whatever I call it, this is a quick look back at my last 3 months of making and blogging. Not surprisingly, I’ve done more than my share of sewing: I got a little obsessed with a graphic neutral print and made a jacket, backpack, and laptop cases from it. I embroidered peacock feathers and sewed them into a Rigel bomber jacket. I made a hot American Summer Tee. I used the plantain pattern to make a distressed tee and a maxi dress with braided details. Finally, an Ava blouse (that consensus says I need to style differently). Oh yeah, and I refashioned my friend’s wedding dress into cocktail dress! A lot of sewing time went to putting together the sew-along for the Presidio Purse. Check out it …

March Roundup 2013

During the month of March: I sewed a 1942 Shirtwaist Dress for the Sew For Victory Sewalong, a Ziggy Stardust outfit for the Bowie Sewalong, and a pink-pleated maxi skirt and 1940’s pajamas for the Stashbusting Sewalong. I also pieced my March blocks for my Block-of-the-Month quilt. I finished knitting a pair of tabi socks and shared a tutorial for how to add crochet elastic to the inside of knee-socks so they stay up better. I shared a guest post by Katja of Of Dreams and Seams on Sewing and Style. I also traveled a bit (more on that soon!) and was sick on the couch for a week (I’ll spare you from sharing about that).