Floral Fumeterre Skirt

If you’ll allow me, for a moment, to pretend that time isn’t remotely linear (sidenote: if you’ve never read Einstein’s Dreams I highly recommend it for a fascinating exploration of different ways that time could be and what that would mean for humanity), then I’ll share this white cotton floral skirt that I actually sewed last fall (after sewing my clearly-meant-for-fall Afghan Nomad Dress) just as warm weather fizzled out and it wasn’t really appropriate to wear white cotton. Now that weather is warming up, I’m definitely enjoying wearing it as I adore floral prints and I adore maxi skirts. It took me several photoshoots to end up with photos that I feel “meh” about, which is better than the “ugh” that I started with. But it does leave me wondering if this skirt is better in theory than it is in practice? It’s a fumeterre by Deer & Doe and …

Pink Retro Undies Set

I love the fact that this bra, while 70’s inspired on its own, looks like it could be decades older when paired with the high waist panties. The panties themselves are a Sew Lovely pattern from 1969. I’ve had an itch to try the (what we think of now as “granny panty”) pattern since finding it at the thrift store (last year?). And I’m glad I finally tried it, though I must admit they probably won’t get much wear (though they’re comfy as all get-out, so maybe I’ll just wear them when husband is out of town). Speaking of, my dear partner is the most wonderfully supportive person and always praises my creations and how I look in them (and out of them too ;) That being said, he took one look at these and said “hmmmm, I’m having a hard time imagining what you’d have to do to those …


Wool, Silk, and Leather Luxe Fumeterre

I started this skirt at the beginning of the year. I meant it as a replacement of an old high-waisted wool maxi skirt that I loved in theory, but I had made it so long ago that the shoddy construction I used back then drove me crazy now. I used Deer & Doe’s Fumeterre skirt pattern for a replacement wool skirt. I certainly could have drafted my own 8-gore maxi skirt, but I just couldn’t get over those delicious front pockets. Again, I could have figured them out on my own, but Eleonore had already done the work to get the proportions perfect and I like to support indie designers so I went ahead and bought the pattern. This is a very deluxe skirt that also happens to be quite frugal. I used a gorgeous wool crepe that I picked up at the thrift store for $2/yard, a silk crepe de …


Red Scalloped High Waist Pencil Skirt

I added scallops to the pattern I made from Gertie’s New Book to make a red pencil skirt, just in time for Valentine’s Day. (Yes, I just posted this picture a few days ago, but that was about the blouse and this is about the skirt, so you get to see it again!) While I’m always drawn to patterns, I think that a solid colored pencil skirt (or a few!) will be a nice addition to my wardrobe as I can easily pair patterned tops with a solid bottom. And the scallops give it a bit of personality that it might otherwise lack.


Autumnal Wool Floral Pencil Skirt

I am so very excited about this skirt! I found the fabric at SewExpo last year. I don’t remember the vendor and I don’t remember the exact fiber content other than mostly wool. I’ve known since June that I wanted to make a pencil skirt out of it and have finally done so. I love the print on this fabric, especially the fact that, while it is certainly mostly brown tone, there is a significant amount of black so I can wear it with both brown and black.


Skinny High Waist Jeans

I made a pair of jeans! I don’t know why, but it finally struck me that I could sew a pair of jeans. While I never fear to tackle sewing just about anything, it just never crossed my mind that I could actually sew jeans. Apparently, after seeing the beautiful creations of Loran, Carolyn, Lauren, SallieOh, and Tanit-Isis it finally sank into my head that I could do the same! I found an old McCalls jeans pattern at the thrift store that I thought I would use for my pattern. However, half of the pieces were missing so ended up using the waistband and fly pieces and drafting my own for the rest of the jeans. I’ve been on a kick of making high waisted items and loving the skirts and trousers that I made. However, I’m not sure that these are particularly flattering when worn with the waist visible. I think that, given I have hips, things that fit …

Curtain Panel Maxi Skirt

I’ve jumped on the maxi bandwagon. I’ve always been a fan of maxi skirts and dresses and as I’m quite tall, I think they work well on my figure. I whipped this skirt up out of an old curtain panel that a friend gave me (not the first time I’ve made a skirt out of old curtains). I wasn’t sure I was even going to wear it because I didn’t like the color at first. But I’ve already worn it a couple of times and I’m really enjoying it. The skirt is super simple construction. The skirt front and back are two rectangles gathered into the waistband. I drafted my own waistband on a slight curve and flat-lined the waistband with an off-white cotton. It has a knee-length lining of tee-shirt stretch-cotton so it’s super comfy. Here you can see how the sheer fabric looks over the lining when the …