Plaid Flannel Pajama Set – Vintage Butterick 5744 and Simplicity 6664

Every year on Christmas Eve I would get to open one present before going to bed. Somehow it took me something like 15 years to figure out that that one present was always new pajamas. I want to keep the tradition going for my own daughter (and time will tell if she’s quicker on the uptake than I am). Last year (her first Christmas) I bought pajamas for the family but this year I felt like I had the time and bandwidth to make them. I don’t want to give myself pressure to make them every year, but, instead, celebrate the years I do get to make them. My friend Marissa recently brought me a stack of fabric that she had inherited – she picked out everything loud and/or pink to give to me (she knows me well). I’ve been wanting some pajamas for myself that are cozy but still …


Sunday Stash

Today’s theme is “Gifts”. First off, a gift for me! My birthday was earlier this month and my awesome fabric-enabler mom bought me a box of Cotton & Steel fat quarters. Yippee! I’m a dabbler-in-quilts, but my mom is a pretty amazing quilter and is doing everything she can to get me more into quilting. I’m certainly going to have to make some more quilts since I have 40 (!!!) C&S fat quarters to use now! I’m not sure what I will do with most of the fat quarters, but I would like to make a tree skirt for our Christmas tree and there are a chunk of Christmas-y fabrics that would play nicely together. We’ll see if that happens in time for this year… The other gift-y fabric is several yards of Robert Kaufman mammoth flannel that I bought from The Confident Stitch when they were just having a …


Plaid Flannel Shirt

I haven’t stopped wearing this shirt since I made it. And that’s not even an exaggeration. I’ve pretty much found an excuse to put this shirt on every. single. day. since I made it. The shirt is luscious and comfy and flattering and it’s really all that I want to wear. My first finished project since officially moving back to Seattle and I’m channeling my wannabe grunge youth – except for I’ve grown up and so has my blouse. I’m super happy with this fabric. It’s a Robert Kaufman Mammoth Flannel and it’s just dreamy. It’s a great weight and feels so very cozy. I bought it at Nancy’s Sewing Basket which was my first foray into fabric shopping in Seattle! You can see that I spent an obsessive amount of time matching plaid on this blouse and I am so happy with the results. I cut everything on a …


Hand Embroidered Rigel Bomber Jacket

I dreamt of a peacock. Floating feathers, cascading flowers. Striking stitching on a simple jacket making it unique and wonderful and one-of-a-kind. (I already detailed the process of the embroidery, if you’re interested.) I love that the Rigel Bomber jacket is fairly simple, making it wearable with so many outfits, day after day. But my stitching makes it completely unique at the same time. I’m a jacket junkie and this is pure manna for my addiction. The outer wool is from a vintage pashmina. I bought the pashmina along with a stash of vintage fabric from a flea market in Guerneville, CA (mostly 70’s fabrics, including the fabric I used for the bodice of my Thanksgiving dress). I pulled it from my stash for this project because I knew it would be a dream to embroider on because of the relatively loose weave. I bought the ribbing and perfectly matching zipper from Britex and the …


Just Some Flannel Pajama Bottoms

Yep, the post title says it all. I made a couple pairs of simple flannel pajama bottoms.  I really had no plan to sew pajamas any time soon, but, as I was putting on my pajamas the other night, I had an Oh-My-Goodness-I-Can’t-Stand-This-Any-More moment. See, most nights I wear oversized t-shirts and flannel pajama bottoms. And I’ve been steadily wearing out my pajama bottoms until I’ve been down to one pair. One cute pair with little pink pigs all over it that I happen to have made in high school. That was a long time ago, and it showed. And I didn’t realize it bothered me until all of the sudden it really did! The only interesting bit about these pajama pants I drafted is that they have pockets. Not that one really needs to use pockets while one is sleeping. But they’re nice to have for the Post-Wakeup-I’m-Still-Such-A-Zombie-I-Can’t-Get-Dressed-For-The-Love-Of-All-That-Is-Holy-Give-Me-Caffeine period …

Toddler Activity Book

Edit: Pattern is not currently for sale. I recently posted a Toddler Activity Book pattern for sale on Craftsy. I had so much fun making the pattern. It was inspired by an idea I saw somewhere for making an enclosed marble maze as a part of the activity book. I built on the idea from there and raided my stash of notions to come up with zipper, snaps, buttons, hook & eye, buckles, holes maze, and laces. Of course the cute flannel fabric also came from my stash. I thought the little cacti were super cute and that flannel would be a nice fabric to feel for the kiddies and easy to wash for the parents. I’m looking forward to getting it in the hands of a little one, and even more excited to see others make more books!