Refashioned Wedding Dress turned Cocktail Dress

This saucy little cocktail dress was once Ellen’s wedding dress. Can you believe it? Together we cut and pasted and dipped and dyed and gave her dress a brand new life. While chopping apart your wedding dress isn’t for the faint of heart or the even the heartily sentimental, Ellen was thrilled about the project because it meant that she would get to wear her dress over and over again. Ellen’s wedding dress was a mermaid style dress where the top was fitted until mid-thigh and the full bottom was a separate piece gathered and sewn along the bottom. This made it an ideal dress for turning into a cocktail dress since it required no reshaping and very little reconstruction. We started by ripping off the bottom gathered layer. (You can see that Tig immediately claimed the pile of fabric as her own. I eventually stole some back to be …


Dip Dyed Silk Bow Neck Blouse

I did some simple refashions on this one-time-old-lady-blouse to fun, flirty effect! The blouse was given to me by a friend of Adam’s who was helping to clean out an elderly friend’s closet and thought I would like the silk. I will admit to having been given it so long ago that I don’t remember when and can no longer find pictures of it in its fully native state. But, I can describe what I did to make it the fun piece it is today! It really didn’t take much to give this blouse a new life as part of my Bow Neck Blouse Sewalong, and it’s reminded me that I like to do refashions (which I used to do a LOT, but haven’t so much recently). Like I said, the blouse started as very much an old lady blouse. There were shoulder pads. There were some stains on the …


The Beginning of a Purple Mystery Organ Needlepoint

I’ve started a new needlepoint project to follow up my Anatomical Heart Needlepoint. I decided to do it in 6 shades of purple that I hand dyed. It will be several inches larger than the heart, perfect for turning into a pillow for our couch :) I tied a bunch of hanks of natural 50% wool 50% silk yarn (following my own tutorial) and dyed them in a pot on my stove. I wantonly mixed red and blue dye in two different batches (the top and bottom rows shown above) so I ended up with two slightly differently hued sets. To get the variety of shades along the top row, I put the first hank in for 15m, the second for 5 min, the third I dipped in, and the last two I got wet before dipping in. Dying them in sequential order, the earlier hanks take up the majority …


How to Tie a Yarn Hank for Dying

I have a large cone of undyed wool that is perfect for hand-dying to use in needlepoint projects. The last time that I dyed a large batch of it, I ended up with tangled messes that took me hours to untangle so that I could use them. Super frustrating. So, this time around, I decided to be smart about it and appropriately secure the yarn for dying. The first step is wrap a length of yarn off of your cone (or skein) into a circle. It’s convenient to wrap around the back of a chair or to wrap holding one end in your hand and the other around your elbow. By wrapping the yarn into a circle, you are turning it into a hank of yarn. Lay one hank of yarn down on a surface. (I made a bunch of hanks of yarn at once and then went through and tied them all). Putting one twist in …


Hand Dyed Yarn for Needlepoint

Rather than buy a bunch of yarn for my new hobby of needlepoint, I decided to dye my own yarn from a spool of 50% wool 50% silk yarn that I already had (I’m almost done with the sweater I’ve been knitting out of the yarn, slowly but surely). I measured out lengths of yarn in different size bundles corresponding to the different amounts of each color in my finished design. (Having never actually needlepointed before, I took a wild guess as to how much yarn I would need and figured better too much than too little).


Chocolate Brown Hair

It’s no secret that I can’t go very long without doing something to my hair. Since I’ve been growing it out, it has felt decidedly boring and it became time to do something again. So, I went dark for the first time ever. I love it!

Bottom Layers Hair Dye

It’s no secret that I get antsy when I haven’t done anything to my hair in a while. “A while” can range from weeks to months. While I am a big proponent of experimenting with one’s hair, this can be a bit challenging if (like me right now) you’re trying to grow out your hair and don’t want to damage it or cut off length. Also, I hate having to deal with roots and I’m too broke to get anything done professionally. So, what I decided to do is to get a bottle of red hair dye, and dye the bottom half of my hair. What that gives me is a tiny peek of red from the side. No change from the front. And a pretty red that blends out of the bottom of my hair as seen from the back. The perfect solution for a bit of fun with …