Evelyn’s blankets

Evelyn Rose is lucky to have a giant fan club of people who love her. She is also lucky to have so many crafty people in her life that have made her wonderful keepsakes. I’ve been awed by how many amazing blankets she has been gifted. As a fellow knitter/crocheter/quilter, I know how much time and love goes into such handmade gifts. Evie is in the amazing position to have a quilt made for her by both two of her grandmothers. Adams mom, while she likes to make things, has never been a quilter. However, when she was pregnant, she decided she wanted to make her baby a quilt so she pieced together hexagons into a Grandmother’s flower garden pattern. Adam used the blanket as a baby. 40 years later, Adam’s mom pulled the very worn blanket out of storage and sent it to my mom. My mom cleaned it up, …


Spaghetti Lace Crochet Runner

Little by little, I continue to add handmade touches to our home. My pace of decorating has dramatically slowed through this challenging pregnancy, but I am pretty delighted to have finished a crocheted rug to go at the foot of our bed. I think it strikes a pretty good balance between visually interesting and calming, which is what I have been trying to achieve in the bedroom. And it breaks up the vast expanse of beige rug… The runner is my own pattern – a modification of my Spaghetti Lace Rug pattern. (I detailed the changes I made to the pattern to turn it from a small rug to a runner on Ravelry.) I used Hoooked Zpagetti yarn (which is an extra-bulky yarn made from leftover textiles from ready-to-wear fashion) and a size 10mm crochet hook. For more photos and details on the project, check out my post on the Minerva Crafts blogger network.


Stacey of FreshStitches on Sew-viving Academia

Finally finishing graduate school this year was the hardest thing that I have done in my life. Working through the challenge, I learned so much about myself. Part of that was learning how important it is to me to sew – to work with my hands, to design, and to create. Sewing is my rock that gets me through hard times. Curious to see if others have had similar experiences, I asked some other sewists to share their personal connections between sewing and making it through graduate school. I’m excited to introduce Ph.D. linguist and crocheter Stacey, who blogs (and sells delightful amigurumi crochet patterns) at FreshStitches. I’ve always loved working with children, so after doing my undergrad in Linguistics, I decided to continue and get my Ph.D. in Child Language Acquisition. At the start, it’s a lot of fun because you use toys and playtime as a way of documenting and …


Spaghetti Lace Rug and Crocheted Baskets

Giant spaghetti yarn. So much fun. Okay, so it’s really called Hoooked Zpagetti. But whatever. I had a blast crocheting up a large scale lace doily as a rug (and a couple baskets to match) for my first project as a Minerva Crafts Network blogger. The yarn is made from manufacturing scraps and is essentially very long strips of t-shirt material. When I saw this yarn on Minerva Crafts, I knew I had to have it. I didn’t know what I was going to do with it, but it had to be something. I thought I would give crochet a shot since I haven’t crocheted much (only one tablecloth size fractal doily) and making a big bulky crochet project sounded like a fun learning experience with a good chance of success. I pulled out a couple of crochet books (Crochet Stitches Visual Encyclopedia and the Crochet Answer Book) from my …


Grandma’s Handmade Lace

I recently was given a bag of sewing notions that belonged to my Grandma (my dad’s mom) who has gotten too old to sew. Among a pile of bias tape, old thread, a pleating board, some awfully 80’s patterns, elastic, and other functional sewing items were several gems – pieces of lace that I believe my Grandmother handmade.


How to Add Crochet Elastic to Keep Socks Up

I love to knit socks. One of my favorite socks that I have knit is a pair of knee socks. However, I found that I initially couldn’t wear them because they didn’t stay up on my leg. It was quite frustrating and likely due to two factors – 1) I used yarn that had a significant amount of bamboo in it which is a fiber that does not stretch. 2) The ribbing is P1 K1tbl (knit one through back loop) which is a pretty stitch but much less stretchy than a standard P1 K1 rib. I solved the problem by adding crocheted elastic to the inside of the cuff. I recently had someone on Ravelry ask me how I did it, so I thought I would share.


Fractal Crochet Tablecloth

My first ever crochet project. It’s Fractal doily pattern by Essi Varis, available on Ravelry. Being my first project, I decided to go for a larger hook than the pattern calls for so that I would easily be able to see the stitches. So, instead of petite doily, I ended up with a tablecloth. I’m happy with it, regardless!