Canning for a New Generation

Since canning my first batch of meyer lemon marmalade last month, I’ve been in a total canning frenzy. I’ve made salt preserved lemons, Indian lemon pickles, lemon curd, strawberry butter, strawberry jam with Thai herbs, strawberry and lemon preserves, strawberry syrup with chamomile, zucchini pickles, and cucumber relish. Whew. I’m running out of room in our tiny pantry and summer has barely started! All of the recipes that I have used have come from Canning for a New Generation: Bold, Fresh Flavors for the Modern Pantry by Liana Krissoff. I picked up a stack of books on canning from the library and quickly decided that this was my favorite so I bought a copy for myself. There are several aspects to the book that make it the best, in my opinion. The first is that the recipes really do have bold, modern, and interesting flavors. While plain jam is delicious, I will admit …


Easy Meyer Lemon Marmalade with Lavender

A co-worker gave me a giant bag of meyer lemons from a tree in his yard. When life gives me lemons, I make marmalade! I’ve adapted the recipe, just barely, from an About.com recipe. Making marmalade is really quite simple and doesn’t have to be done in giant batches. I’ve included instructions for a large and a small batch, for canned or straight-to-fridge, and for adding lavender or other flavors.