Dinosaur Dress

I would like to induce you to my new favorite dress (Yes, I probably say that a lot. But in terms of how much this dress is getting worn, it is a true winner). It is an empire waist maxi dress in bright dinosaur print jersey. Yes. All of those things that I love. Empire waist. Maxi dress. Bright. Jersey. DINSOAURS!!! The pattern is Simplicity 1804. Quick and easy to sew. Flattering. Comfy. Nothing remarkable about the pattern but it’s great for what it is – a versatile knit dress pattern. (Oona also just blogged a pretty version of this dress if you want to see it on a different body and with fewer dinosaurs, although why you would want to see fewer dinosaurs, I don’t know.) The fabric was given to me by Minerva Crafts as part of their blogger network and the supplies are available from them as a kit. I do …


These Are Not Pants

I am a firm believer that leggings are not pants. But these leggings are doing everything in their power to convince me otherwise. Holy cow are these comfortable! And bright! And happy! And comfortable!!! I honestly haven’t had a pair of leggings up to this point that actually fit me well (I mean, come on, they’re super stretchy, what is there to fit, right? Wrong. They’re never long enough and always give me a slight wedgy. Not cool.) I drafted these (check out Miranda of One Little Minute’s tutorial on drafting your own leggings for a great how-to) and sewed them with 1″ negative ease out of scuba knit (it was labeled with the generic label of performance knit where I bought it, but I’ve seen the same material elsewhere with the slightly more specific label of scuba). I’m afraid these are going to initiate a complete revamping of my daily wardrobe. I …


Orange and Turquoise Howlite Necklace

Turquoise and orange. Not a color combo I often rock. I don’t wear much orange since it’s not great with my skin. But it’s so bright and happy and attention grabbing, especially paired with blue, that I’m determined to add some orange into my life this summer. (No, it’s not just because I want to be Oona, but that is one small part of it ;) Like my pink skulls necklace, the beads on this necklace are made from howlite, a stone that is commonly dyed to resemble other more expensive stones like turquoise. The pendant was from a necklace that I bought at a thrift store aeons ago, whose fake leather cord promptly broke, and so the pendant sat in my bead box for a very long time. I got a little excited and ended up buying a LOT of howlite turquoise beads (as you can clearly see). I …


Tangerine Dream Table Runner in Sewing World Magazine May 2014

Oh me oh my! My first published quilt pattern! My first magazine article! I am all sorts of excited! You can find my Tangerine Dream table runner quilt pattern in the May 2014 issue of Sewing World Magazine. The quilt is made from Kona cotton solids in Brown, Tangerine, Papaya, Lagoon, and Cream. My wonderful mother quilted the quilt with simple, geometric designs to play off the geometric shape of the runner. She never quilts my quilts the way I ask her to, and they’re always way more awesome than if she had followed my instructions. I know that tangerine and turquoise isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, so I put together illustrations of what the quilt would look like in different colorways. Using all Kona cottons you can get these different looks with: Mulberry, Thistle, Steel, Shadow, and Black for a gray and purple colorway; Valentine, Kumquat, Kiwi, Cyan, and Canary for …


Floral Knit Cowl

This floral cowl was a fun excuse to learn a new skill. I designed the chart and knit it as a double-knit, so the inside and outside are the same pattern but inverse colors. I figured a little cowl is just a tube so it should be quick and easy to knit, right? Ha! 40 hours of knitting later (and one stripe less than I originally planned!) it’s finally done. But it was worth every (slow) stitch because it’s bright and fun and happy and cheerful and cozy. I knit this from Sublime cashmere-merino-silk DK weight yarn given to me by Minerva Crafts for being a part of their blogger network. It’s a lovely yarn and I would be very happy to use it again in another project. In fact, I’d be tempted to use this same selection of colors to knit myself a little cardigan or a simple pullover. …


Vivacious Jeans for Sew Weekly Reunion

The Facts Fabric: Pink denim with a lot more stretch in it than I realized. Notions: One button, one zipper. Matching pink thread for topstitching. Pantone Challenge colors: Vivacious Pattern: Self drafted. Mid-high waist jeans with waistband that widens in the back. Essentially the same as my Brown Floral Print Jeans. I made some minor changes to get the side seam straighter. Year: 2013 Time to complete: 9.25 hrs but it really shouldn’t have taken me this long. First worn: Today Wear again? Oh for sure! These will be a wardrobe staple. Total Cost: $25? I used 2.5 yds and I got it at the discount fabric store, but I’ve since forgotten how much I paid. I’m guessing $10/yd. Button and zipper have been in stash forever and were probably gifts. I always enjoyed reading contributions to the Sew Weekly although I never took part myself, and I’m thrilled to be …

Yellow Twill Skirt

This is a wearable muslin for a pattern I drafted for a trouser skirt. I know that “wearable muslin” is a contentious term, but that’s exactly what this is and I think it serves a purpose. Since I drafted the pattern myself, I need to wear it around for a bit to see how the fit works with use. I know it works if I’m standing still in front of the mirror, but I want to know about fit while sitting, riding my scooter, walking around.