How to Block Knit Gloves

Gloves, mittens, mitts, fingerless gloves – whatever you’re knitting to put on your hands, it will be even prettier after you have blocked it, most especially if there is any lace or cablework. In my humble opinion, every knitting project is improved by a good blocking (even if I thought it was superfluous for years, I shouldn’t have, trust me on this one). I’ve gotten several questions about how to block my Queen Anne’s Lace Gloves, which is important to do because they have lace and cable stitches! Without further ado, this is how to block knit gloves: I like to steam block everything instead of wet blocking because I think it is easier to control (unless the project is in need of dramatic blocking like my Red Knit Duster). There’s nothing worse than permanently stretching out ribbing while blocking, which is a lot easier to do with wet blocking. …


Anjou Lace Sweater

Well, color me embarrassed. I finished assembling this gorgeous sweater (Anjou from French Girl Knits), wrangled Adam into taking some photos of it, and started processing the images so I could put together this blog post. And I just simply couldn’t find the photos I took of blocking the sweater. I really wanted to share them because I wanted to share a creative solution I came up with in the process, but they were nowhere to be found. Until I dug back a whole year! I have had this sweater knit, blocked, and just needing to attach the sleeves and hem band for a year. Talk about procrastination! Well, now that we have that embarrassing fact behind us, lets take a look at this sweater! It’s a lace sweater that I knit in a 100% Alpaca lace yarn. The body is knit in the round. The hem bands and sleeves …


Enchanted Red Knit Duster – Sylvi Sweater

I feel like an enchanted storybook character in this gorgeous duster. It’s the Sylvi Sweater pattern by Mari Muinonen, published in Twist Collective Winter 2008. I love her designs for their dramatic and playful cables, and plan on eventually knitting several more of her patterns. I used 32 skeins (that’s a LOT of yarn!!! 1760 yards!) of Grignasco Marte yarn.┬áIts’s 60% wool and 40% synthetic. I usually try and knit in all natural fibers, but I found it on an amazing sale which made buying epic amounts of this yarn almost affordable. See my Ravelry project page for more technical details. While the body is knit in moss stitch, the back features an intricate cable pattern over a patch of reverse stockinette. Bobbles make the centers of the flowers. The pattern was simple enough to read for anyone familiar with cable charts, but if you’re new to cables, you might …


Fractal Crochet Tablecloth

My first ever crochet project. It’s Fractal doily pattern by Essi Varis, available on Ravelry. Being my first project, I decided to go for a larger hook than the pattern calls for so that I would easily be able to see the stitches. So, instead of petite doily, I ended up with a tablecloth. I’m happy with it, regardless!