Purple and Neutral Hexagon Baby Quilt

I am a little embarrassed to post this just-finished baby quilt on my blog since there are construction flaws and honestly, the design is mediocre. But I’m learning. And I certainly learned from this quilt. And regardless of the finished product, it was made with love. And that’s what I wanted to send to my friend’s baby – a bundle of love and a story for daddy to tell. “This quilt was made for you, with love, by this crazy girl that lived next door to me in the dorms of my college during her freshman year. I had just transferred there from another school and wasn’t happy about being placed in a room with three freshmen boys. She was just starting college but, being an only child, wasn’t happy about being placed in a room with three other freshmen girls. I think she might have had a crush on …


Mom’s Maxi Summer Hippy Dress

I sewed my mom a sundress for Christmas. Yes, kind of a silly thing to do for someone who lives in Seattle since it was months before she could wear it. But I had the fabric and the pattern and the vision and it was a fun project to make me dream of sunshine midwinter. And now she’s finally wearing it (and wearing it a lot!) so I can share it. I drafted the pattern myself, making it similar to a RTW dress that she already had and liked. The fabric is a cotton/rayon ┬ábatik print that was a gift from a friend (and a stashbuster!). It has princess seams and front and side facings with a smocked back, although the drape of the fabric and the busy-ness of the print hide the construction. The dress gaps a bit in the back now since my mom has lost 20 pounds …


Sew Grateful For Mom Blouse

 My sew grateful project is for my mom. Who better to show my appreciation than the woman who sewed my clothes as a kid, let me raid her fabric stash when I decided I wanted to start sewing as a tween, and taught me how to read a pattern and do things right when I finally had the patience to ask for help as a teenager.