Rainbow Zebra Baby Quilt

Rainbow zebra print whole cloth quilt. By Erin of Tuesday Stitches.

My friend Marissa is awesome. For many reasons. One of them is that she knows I’m a fabric junkie and she enables me. She brought me a whole stack of fabric the last time she visited that came from a stash she had inherited. She picked out everything that was pink and/or particularly loud to give to me. Like I said, she’s awesome. (I’ve made mother/daughter pajamas from some of what she gave me). One of the fabrics was this amazing rainbow zebra cotton broadcloth. Marissa was pregnant at the time and not-so-subtly hinted that she would be super happy to have a baby blanket made from the zebra fabric (and who needs subtlety between friends anyway). Well, I took her “hint” and made a baby blanket for her brand-new munchkin! I decided to make it a whole-cloth quilt (meaning no cutting and piecing to make the quilt top) and …


Toddler Electron Layette

The question that I get the most about my Electron Layette pattern is “can a toddler climb around in it?” People are worried that a toddler’s movement might be restricted by the drop crotch of the pant and Evelyn is here to show you conclusively that she’s able to be as much of a climbing-jumping-running-flopping maniac in these pants as any others! Of course I didn’t manage to get any great action shots since she’s always moving too fast! (Though I did just buy a new lens for my camera so indoor action shots should be easier from here on out). So hopefully you’ll believe me :) This set is sewn in size 2 yrs though Evelyn is somewhere between 18 months and 2 yrs in sizing so she has a bit of room to grow. She’s no longer interested in wearing the hat that is a part of the …

Electron Layette Sewalong: Sweatshirt

The first step is to select your fabric. The sweatshirt calls for a mid-weight knit with less than 20% stretch. This means fabrics like french terry, sweatshirting, even fleece or ponte. For more about selecting fabric, see the post on Choosing Fabric for the Electron Layette. Along with your fabric, the notions you need are snaps and interfacing. Cut your fabric. If you cut your pattern pieces out with your fabric on a single layer you can squeeze it into a smaller amount of fabric. Regardless, you need to end up with 2 fronts (mirror images of each other), 2 sleeves, 2 pockets (optional), 1 back, and 1 back neck facing. Note that there are two options for the neck facing piece – one has size 3 months, 9 months, and 18 months on it while the other has size newborn, 6 months, 1 year, and 2 years on it. The …


Introducing the Electron Layette!

The Electron Layette is so named because it’s a current take on a baby layette – modern, full of personality, and gender-neutral. It includes easy-to-sew patterns for harem pants, drool bib, hat, and sweatshirt in newborn through 2 year sizes. Buy the Pattern Now Drop-crotch (or harem) pants are easy to fit and easy to sew. They’ve got plenty of room for baby to walk and crawl and wiggle around. Trust me, I can vouch for this one personally. Evelyn is just figuring out how to crawl and the little wiggler won’t hold still! The pants also fit nicely over both disposable and cloth diapers. We cloth diaper Evie and you can see in these photos that she’s got plenty of room to wear the pants comfortably over her big cloth diaper. I went up a size for the purple pants pictured here so she has room to grow but you can also choose …


Baby’s Hope Chest Part 2

Though I knew that my mom had saved family heirlooms for me to give to my baby, I was pleasantly surprised to learn that Adam’s mom had as well! She brought us a small bundle of clothes just after Evelyn’s birth and shared their histories. I think my favorite is this adorable green velvet outfit that Adam’s Grandmother Sheila sewed for him (entirely by hand) for his first Christmas outfit. I really hope it fits Evelyn come Christmas because she’s already too big for my first Christmas outfit! (I was a preemie and born in November so mine is tiny). Okay, so maybe my favorite is this jumpsuit that Adam’s mom sewed for him. I love how very 70’s it is and can’t wait for Evie to wear it! I might have to make myself a super 70’s jumpsuit to wear at the same time… Adam’s godmother Caro hand sewed a …


Baby Girl’s Hope Chest

I am so lucky to come from a line of strong, creative, skilled women who not took the time to hand make things for their families but also recognized the importance of saving them for future generations. My mom has kept a hope chest for me full of things from my childhood and she and I recently went through it to clean and sort things for my soon-to-be-here baby girl. I thought it would be fun to share a bit of what she saved here. I wanted to start by sharing the pieces that my Grandma Currie (my dad’s mom) knit for me because my G’ma passed away two weeks ago. She was a formidable knitter, crocheter and seamstress (which I talked about in my post about my grandmothers). Thinking of her legacy and being excited to share it with my baby has helped me to be at peace with her …


A Mess of Baby Clothes

A bunch of baby clothes has a nice alliteration to it, but it seems that the proper term for “lots of baby clothes” must be a mess, since that’s what they are all going to turn into once they actually get worn! I started working on this pile of baby clothes during my first trimester. Since it’s been a crummy pregnancy the whole way through, it took me weeks to cut out the clothes and then months to get them sewn. But that’s okay. Each bit of sewing stemmed from a small burst of energy, and I was able to pour that energy into tangible bits of love and excitement for baby’s arrival. I made a range of sizes from newborn to 9 months so that she doesn’t outgrow my work all at once and used a pile of different patterns as well, including several vintage patterns. All the fabrics …


Ruffled Baby Sweater

Is it wrong of me to admit that I was sorely tempted to keep the sweater that I knit as a baby shower gift for my stepsister because I thought it was so darn cute and I kinda have the baby fever right now? Yeah? Okay, let’s pretend I didn’t say that and just ooh and aah over this cute little thing together. The pattern is Nola Jane by Annika Barranti. I knit it on size 3 needles (which felt gigantic since I’ve been knitting a bunch of socks on size 1 recently!), using up the last of my Wendy Roam Fusion yarn from my Teenage Mutant Ninja Knee-high socks. I think the detail that really makes this dress is the lines of crochet ruffle across the chest. They were super-duper easy to do as you knit a few evenly spaced purl rows across the chest and then go back …


Just Some Baby Pants

I really like to make things for friends’ impending babies. Sometimes I knit sweaters, sometimes I sew quilts, sometimes I sew baby shoes, sometimes I sew leather snails. This time, I made a stack of pants in all different sizes from Simplicity 2291. The first pair of pants was from some camouflage canvas. I don’t know the sex of my friends’ impending baby, but I do know that s/he’s going to be a little rockstar, so these felt appropriate. The awesome thing about making tiny little clothes is how little fabric they require so all of the pants came from my scrap bin – pieces slightly too large to throw away but not large enough to actually make anything, other than baby clothes! Okay, so these multi-fabric pants are painfully early 90’s. But anything looks cute if it’s on a baby, right?? The pockets came from my floral print jeans, …


Purple and Neutral Hexagon Baby Quilt

I am a little embarrassed to post this just-finished baby quilt on my blog since there are construction flaws and honestly, the design is mediocre. But I’m learning. And I certainly learned from this quilt. And regardless of the finished product, it was made with love. And that’s what I wanted to send to my friend’s baby – a bundle of love and a story for daddy to tell. “This quilt was made for you, with love, by this crazy girl that lived next door to me in the dorms of my college during her freshman year. I had just transferred there from another school and wasn’t happy about being placed in a room with three freshmen boys. She was just starting college but, being an only child, wasn’t happy about being placed in a room with three other freshmen girls. I think she might have had a crush on …


Quilted Scrappy Red and White Baby Quilt

In the last week I have visited my grandparents, visited my aunt, bought a mattress, bought a bedframe, bought an engagement ring, and worked a 15hr day in lab (sidenote: the experiment worked so it was totally worth it!). What I have not done is sew or write a blog post. I knew that this month was going to be busy, but I didn’t realize quite how busy it was going to be! I can’t even say that it’s been full of wedding planning, which is how I would like to be spending my time if I don’t get to be in front of the sewing machine. Oh well. There won’t be a new Christmas dress this year. There won’t be handmade gifts. There won’t be an Archer for Archer Appreciation Month. But this month will contain time with friends and family, investments in our future, happiness, and holiday cheer. …


Batch of Baby Booties

There are a lot of babies being born to people I know these days. While I like to make something involved for the babies of the people most important to me (like knitting a baby sweater for my step-sister), I like to have a selection of small handmade gifts on hand  for more casual acquaintances. I love gifting handmade because of the love given that is clearly a part of the gift. In January I made a giant batch of baby shoes from Simplicity 2278 (see that post for more details on the pattern) and I just replenished that stash. I decided to use all View B because I enjoyed sewing it the most the last time around, and using all the same pattern made it easier to streamline the sewing process. I dug through my bag of scraps and put together slippers with scraps from my Robson Trench Coat, Mad …


Burke’s Northwest Baby Sweater

I’ve been detailing a bit of the creative process of designing a baby sweater for my soon-to-be nephew Burke, from the initial brainstorm to a first draft and now the finished piece. It’s now done, gifted to his mom (my step-sister) at her baby shower, and patiently awaiting his arrival! I cast on with a brown moss stitch border, knit the body in light blue stockinette, and added intarsia cloud and sunshine with sun rays embroidered on top. I used 100% cotton yarn. I had asked a friend with a 6-month-old if I could take photos of the sweater on her baby, but I finished knitting it at 1 am the night before I flew up to Seattle for Blair’s baby shower, so that didn’t happen! I designed the sweater to be gender neutral but still have some personality. I knit the 6 month size, figuring that a cotton sweater is …


Red and White Baby Quilt

While I was visiting my mom this weekend I designed and assembled a baby-blanket-size quilt top using red and white fabrics that I pulled from her (insanely large) stash. All of the pieced blocks I put together using scraps of my moms (Does it count as stashbusting if I’m using someone else’s stash??). When she has just a bit of fabric left, she cuts it into 1.5″ or 2.5″ strips and throws it in a basket. It makes for super easy assembly of scrappy quilts, especially since she has a TON of strips to pick from! I started by making a classic rail fence block. I played around a bit with arranging the striped squares in the rail fence block to make this pinwheel shape. This was definitely my favorite block on the quilt, and no, that’s not just because I snuck in some pink! I put in several of …


My Design Process: Northwest Baby Sweater

I’ve been working on designing a baby sweater for my stepsister Blair. Fortunately, I got a pretty early start because this has definitely been an iterative process. I already shared the first steps of my design process. I have since knit the sweater twice. I’ve used what I liked and what I didn’t like about these two drafts to write a pattern. Now I just have to knit the final sweater! Since the shape of the sweater is so simple, the design process has been about getting the intarsia sun and clouds perfect. For the first sweater, I knit two clouds, one on the front, one  on the back. I quickly decided that I didn’t need two clouds as juggling the bobbins to knit three separate intarsia patches became unruly. And, although babies do have giant heads, I think I left the neckline a little bit too giant. The other …

My Design Process: Baby Sweater

I’ve just started designing a new baby sweater and I thought that y’all might be interested in the process.


Baby Shoes Galore!

I got a little carried away this weekend cutting and sewing baby shoes! I decided to participate in the stashbusting sewalong and baby shoes seemed like a good way to use scraps, January’s stashbusting theme. I sat down on Saturday with my friend Beth to catch up on Season 7 of Doctor Who and while we were watching I went through my scrap bin and just kept cutting and cutting and cutting.

Mom Made Quilted Baby Blanket

My mom made a blanket for her cousin Amilia’s baby. (Same cousin for whom I designed the Baby’s First Fair Isle sweater). The construction was simple. It is made from 3 – 1 1/2 inch strips sewn together dark-light-dark in what’s called a strip-set. Then the strips are cut into 3 1/2 inch squares. Mom rotated alternate blocks and then sewed them together. This makes a quilt where the finished blocks are each 3 inches square. Placing 10 blocks by 12 blocks makes a final quilt size of 30 x 36 inches – the perfect size for a baby.


Denim Baby Shoes

I’ve been thinking for a while of sewing baby shoes for friends that are expecting for when I don’t have enough time/stash to do a large sewing project or knit project.