Monster Wear Hat & Mittens Pattern!

Sometimes, when it’s chilly outside you need something that will warm you up and put a smile on your face and the faces of those around you. That’s exactly what Monster Wear Hat & Mittens are for! Spring may be starting to show its first signs of arrival, but there’s more winter yet to weather and what better way to weather it than with a faux fur hat with ears and mittens with claws. I first designed this hat and mittens as a costume to wear to a Yuri’s night celebration in 2008 (it was an all day science exhibition and rave to celebrate the first man in space, held at a NASA base. Pretty dang cool. I was a Moon Monster.) It became my go-to hat for staying warm while dancing all night. It got worn to a lot of raves, even more camping trips, and even went to …


Laptop and Bamboo Tablet Cases Quilted from Jacket Scraps

Having nice things means taking care of nice things. Not only am I a klutz, I also have a penchant for cramming way too many things into my shoulder bags. That means that things in my life get dropped and smushed. Since I like my nice things to stay nice, I decided to make cases for my laptop and bamboo tablet. An added bonus to this project was finding another way to use this fabric that I’m completely obsessed with and getting to look oh-gag-me-adorable with my matchy-matchy jacket, backpack, and technology cases, as well as getting to use scraps from my oh-so-awesome South African wax print that I just used to line a different jacket. I didn’t write this up as a pattern because everyone’s technological-item-of-choice is slightly differently sized, and there are dozens of other patterns and tutorials out there for similar projects. However, I thought I would share …

Mom Made Birthday Presents

In honor of my birthday last week, and my visit to my mom’s house over the weekend, this week of posts is going to be todo sobre mi madre. In short, my mom is amazingly creative and talented and inspiring. She’s a phenomenal quilter, applique-er, and stitcher, amongst so many other talents and I’m so excited to show off some of her amazing work! Now, the birthday presents my mom gave me! My mom stitched this lovely pillow based on a pattern by Wooden Spool Designs called Sewing Mends the Soul. We met the owner/designer Debbie at Sew Expo and had a great time meeting such a sweet and creative woman. My mom has made several of her designs including Fresh Fruit and O Christmas Tree. Mom sewed the rick-rack and ribbons on the pillow using zig-zag topstitch with a clear thread. She’s done a bunch of experimenting with different …

East West Knit Purse

Oh man. Well, I finished it under three years. Another WIP to cross off the list! I thought this purse was beautiful when I saw it in the KnitPicks catalog. My mom purchased it for me for my birthday shortly after, and the rest is history, albeit a rather boring history.


Sewing Organizers Made by Mom

My mom is super crafty. I’ve mentioned before that she’s an amazing quilter. But she’s also pretty amazing at anything she does with her hands. She just texted me some photos of a project that she made this week – little booklets to organize hand sewing materials. The fabric choices are so fun, and very much my mother. You can see her experienced eye as a quilter in joining disparate patterned fabrics to make a beautiful ensemble. My mom loves detail and buttons as much as I do, so here she’s got a button closure and a button on the end of the strap. (Sorry about the fuzziness of the photo. She texted me cell phone photos, so this is what I had to work with!). The pattern she used is from Quilts and More Magazine, Winter 2011.

Not Your Typical Duffel Bag

I’ve had a gigantic green duffel bag for years now. I bought it before I spent a semester in East Africa in college so that I could stuff it into the bottom of my backpack and fill it up with souvenirs as I went. I got it from a surplus store and it smelled a little funky but I figured I could wash it out. Well, many years and many washes later, it still smells funky. So, I put it in the donate pile and made a new one. I stuck with green, but I had to spice it up a little. I had a bunch of this cotton upholstery fabric that I bought on a gigantic sale at some point and had sitting in my stash. I was worried that it wouldn’t be quite sturdy enough on its own, so I fully lined the bag with the same fabric. …


Handmade Alaska Souvenirs

While in Homer, Alaska, last week, I bought myself a couple of souvenirs handmade by local artists. The bracelet is carved from birch. It was made by artist George Overpeck. He spends his summers commercial fishing in Bristol Bay and kitesurfing on Kachemak Bay. His winters are occupied with woodturning in Homer. Most of his work is done with the Betula kenaica, a variety of white birch that is unique to the Kenai peninsula. The bracelet is amazingly light and I love how clear the patterning in the wood is. The necklace is scrimshawed by artist Brian Burns on a piece of ancient mammoth tusk. Scrimshaw is a type of etching in a which a line is scratched onto the piece then filled by pigment. Brian Burns practices his art and works on boats in Homer, Alaska. He is an avid hiker and explorer and collects many of the materials …