Passover/Easter/Birthday Dresses

Vintage floral mother daughter dresses on Tuesday Stitches

I suppose now that Fall has well and truly set in that it’s about time I get a blog post up about my favorite Spring and Summer outfits! I made my dress in time for Passover/Easter this year and finished Evelyn’s matching dress in time for us both to wear them for her birthday the next month. Words cannot describe how much I love our outfits! This dress is seriously everything I love in a dress – pattern clashing, bright colors, bold florals, empire waist, sundress and apparently even ruffles (a trend I was very late to jump onto but I seem to have embraced wholeheartedly). For Evelyn’s dress I used Simplicity 6184 from 1983 (though it could easily be from any number of decades). Since I cut and sewed my dress fist, Evie’s dress fabric choices were constrained by what I could fit on the scraps I had left …


Red and White Stripe 80’s Dress (that’s surprisingly au courant)

When Minerva Crafts sent me this gorgeous red and white stripe knit I knew I was going to do something with it, since it was exactly the shade of red that I adore and a great stretchy knit. However, I had a giant list of ideas and couldn’t settle on any of them. I thought of making some super basic tees in no-, short-, and long-sleeves because I could really use some wardrobe staples. And then I thought of finally making a Drape Drape garment that would show off the stripes to their full advantage. And then I thought of a pattern that I’m currently working on, but it’s not far along enough that I’m ready to offer sneak peaks. And somehow I settled on a vintage dress pattern from 1981. I willingly chose to make a 1980’s dress even when faced with a plethora of other ideas. Never would …