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A few weeks ago I had a revelation. I can buy fabric. Yeah, that might seem a little ridiculous, coming from a woman who has almost 600 yds of fabric in her stash, but bear with me. Almost all of my stashed fabric has been gifted to me or I’ve bought it at the thrift store for $2/yd. I have one stack of fabric that I bought new while traveling in SE Asia, but generally when I buy new fabric it’s for a specific project that then gets immediately sewn. I don’t stash new fabric. Though I’m generally a pretty frugal person, this has mostly been out of fiscal necessity. But I kinda just realized that I’m no longer a college student just scrimping by or a graduate student just scrimping by. Our household has a stable, comfortable income so it’s okay if I sometimes buy new fabric, even if I don’t have an immediate justification for it.

And with that revelation, I binged :) I’ve been obsessively planning to build up my wardrobe around my Curated Closet plans. One realization was that I love floral prints but have almost none in my closet at the moment. So I binged on floral print fabric in my new winter color palette.

I’m still pretty frugal at heart so I still bought fabrics that were on sale. I had ducked into that-big-fabric-store-that-I-hate to pick up some swimsuit lining since I was in the city, needed swimsuit lining, and had a stack of coupons, and I found a couple of fabrics on sale that I adored. The left fabric is a scuba and the right is a bottom-weight stretch woven. No ideas for what to do with the scuba yet, but I’m thinking pants for the woven. Definitely high waist, still deciding between cigarette pants and a giant bell bottom.

I also ordered a batch of floral prints from Fabric Mart because I was binging and they were having a sale. The left fabric is a floral, again no idea what to do with it. The middle is a rayon challis. The right is a Betsey Johnson chiffon! It’s destined to be a sleeveless blouse (since I only got 1 yd of it) which is completely not right for my current work-from-home mom-of-a-baby lifestyle, but I just couldn’t pass it up because it’s the right colors, it’s a great floral, and I’ve always loved Betsey Johnson.

What would you like to see more – floral cigarette pants or bell bottoms? Any suggestions for what to make out of a whole bunch of scuba knit?

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  1. Not bell bottoms! Re scuba, have you seen the Closet Case t-shirt-come-dress in scuba? It’s a strong shape you could pull off?

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  2. What a lovely collection! The trouser-weight is a bit reminiscent of a Liberty print. You could go for the flares and have in mind that you could slim them down if you get bored… How about a high-waisted, below-the-knee, pencil skirt in the scuba (if it’s a good weight). With a slit or kick-pleat for ease of walking; the shape is super-glam but the fabric makes it very comfy, as a sahm mum myself I really enjoy such garments.

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      Thanks for the suggestions of the pencil skirt. I think I may just well do that! I have a couple of high waist woven pencil skirts that I love but they are a bit fitted to be good at-home wear. Scuba would be a great solution!

  3. Girlfriend, Never be ashamed, blamed or profaned for your love of fabric! There is so much there to love!

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