Sunday Stash


Today’s theme: Slinky things. Normally I shy away from 100% polyester. Andy by shy away I mean run the other way screaming. Normally I dislike fabric that looks like something my Grandma Smail would have worn. No offense to Grandma, she was a very fashionable lady. But she was a fashionable 80-something and at 30-ish I’m proud to have many characteristics of an old lady, but I’d rather my fashion sense trended a bit more youthful. But somehow the fabric on the left, despite being 100% polyester and totally old-lady-blouse worthy, called my name from the rack at the thrift store. I’m working on a t-shirt pattern right now and experimenting with incorporating wovens into it and I have it in my head that it’s going to totally rock in the right proportions with a suitable compliment. We’ll see…


I got the purple spotted fabric at the same time. I’m pretty picky about purples and this one fits the bill perfectly. It burns like a rayon and since I’ve got 4 yards of it, I think it’s going to make a delightful 70’s maxi. I really like the look of the new By Hand London pattern for it, but I’ve got a bunch of 70’s patterns in my stash, so I’ll at least consider those first. The fabric came with the most interesting stickers – an inspection sticker by the Japanese Government. Have any of you seen something similar? Do you know what it means or what it was for?

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