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Today’s theme is “Evie’s Room”. Right now, Evelyn sleeps in our walk-in-closet-turned-nursery, and she’ll probably be there for a while. But she’s about to start moving around and I’d really like for her big girl room to be set up so that she has her own place to play where she can safely do whatever she wants and go wherever she wants, even if she won’t be sleeping there for quite a while. When I first found out I was pregnant, I started perusing Pinterest for nursery decoration ideas and got excited about a forest theme.

I’m not very tapped into the quilting world as I only dabble in quilting, but I’ve long crushed on just about every single pattern Elizabeth Hartmann has released and I have my heart set on making her Fancy Forest quilt for Evie for her big girl room. My mom recently bought the pattern for me, so it’s sitting in my stash waiting.


At the thrift store last week, I found 7 yards of this Alexander Henry pink jungle animal fabric and immediately grabbed it thinking it would be perfect for Evie’s room. But now I’m second guessing myself. It’s a bit more pastel than I’d like (I don’t really like pastels, even for babies), though there’s enough color that it would probably pair nicely with brights. It’s also exotic African jungle animals and I want to do local forest animals. Is that a silly distinction?

I’m not quite sure what to do. What do you think? I guess I can always get the room started with this fabric and swap out something more perfect in the future, because I’m certainly not going to have the quilt done any time soon (my goal is to have it done before she moves to a bed from her crib, so I have a while yet!)

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  1. Hmmm… I kinda see four options:
    1. use the fabric that is cute and cheap and not your cup or tea/pinterest dream, and at least you’ll have a room you mostly like.
    2. wait for the perfect room (not gonna happen any time soon!)
    3. beg your mom to make the quilt, and you focus on making some “supporting role” accessories that will make you happy when you walk in!
    4. think to hard about it all and end up using a beige undecorated room for years!

    I’m rooting for option #3!

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      You always have the best things to say!
      #4 would drive me batty (you know that I’m like you in regards to color!) and clearly #2 is a pipe dream. Having mom make the quilt is definitely an option (she has offered), but I find the pattern personally inspiring and I love the idea of Evie having a quilt that I made, so maybe we can turn it into a collaboration to speed it along…

      1. SHE OFFERED TO MAKE IT AND YOU SAID NO? You are so much more ambitious than me! ;) I love the idea of collaborating on it – you can make as many blocks as you can, or maybe piece the back and add a bit of hand embroidery for flair?

  2. I’m sort of rooting with Gillian. I know that all my nursery dreams have ended up with mostly undecorated rooms for long, long stretches of time. It’s even worse now that I have more kids and I want their stuff to “go,” but they need blankets in the meantime before I can find that white elephant of four matching duvets or whatever (that I don’t hate) at the thrift store… The possibility for #4 is real, folks

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      Thanks for chiming in. I don’t think I’ll let #4 happen, as beige drives me batty! But I can easily see it turning into a hodge-podge as I pull together things that I sort of like from the thrift store… Hmm… Definitely something to think about!

  3. oh wow, I can see why you like those quilt designs, they are really fun and modern and the colours she uses are lushious. As for your jungle print, I don’t think it fits in with that aesthetic, but hopefully you didn’t pay too much for it if it came from the thrift store so stick it in the stash and see if inspiration strikes at some point. However, with a little one, your sewing time is a premium, so don’t waste it on making something you don’t love. (PS If your mum is willing, Gillian’s idea is a good un)

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      I got the fabric for a song, so it’s fine to sit in the stash for future inspiration. You’re right about sewing time being at a premium and it’s a good reminder to use it to its fullest. Thanks!

  4. I agree with Gillian and R. Something you don’t love is only going to get more un-lovely…not really your intention for the room you want Evie to love and not the energy you want infusing the fabric/items. YES – a place that’ll make you happy when you walk in, too. Your mom doing the quilt? Brilliant!!!

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      Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I agree that I want her room to be full of good energy and I think the jungle fabric just isn’t quite right. Thanks for helping me to decide!

  5. How about cutting out the animals from the jungle fabric and fast fusing them to a brighter background? They seem to have a bit of a white border around each one so it shouldn’t be hard. I’m with you on bleh pastels.

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  6. When I first read your post, my instant reaction to the pastel fabric was “no” and I couldn’t work out why until you said it yourself – wrong colours (especially contrasting with the quilt in the first pic) and wrong animals.
    I would save the fabric for a different project and find something that suits your aesthetic (says the girl who has two kids with highly un-decorated bedrooms…)

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