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Today’s theme is basics. Do you stash them? It’s hard to get super excited about really plain fabrics (other than the fact that they are, indeed, fabric). But it does seem that they come in handy with some regularity. It’s helpful to have solid colors around for when you find enough giant-cat-face fleece to make the body of a sweatshirt but need something for the sleeves, or when you have an eensy bit awesome vintage floral that’s dying to become the bodice of a dress but need something for the skirt.

I picked up 3 yards of this lightweight denim at the thrift store recently. It’s definitely going to come in handy at some point as denim pairs with everything, I just don’t know what or when that some point will be. The knit is a t-shirt weight and isn’t really my color, but it is the most divine color on my mom and I like sewing for her, so I’ll probably make her a t-shirt out of it at some point.


This yard of wool that I found probably doesn’t fit in the theme as well – it seems to me that cottons are always easy to use but wool require some planning. Is that just me? Also, ringing in at only about a yard, it’s not a very helpful amount for a winter weight anything. But it has a lovely weave, and it was only a couple dollars. I am thinking it would make a nice contrast to a few other yardages of wool I have in my stash or of course I could make something for my little one, as babies use a lot less yardage than grownups!

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      That’s a fun idea. I was just contemplating overalls. Can’t decide if I’m sold on them for myself though – too many flashbacks to awkward ill-fitting overalls in my youth… ;)

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